Posted by: Diane | August 12, 2013

Scorpion On The Loose

There was once a little boy named Donovan, who went to an antique store with his mom and she told him, “Donovan, you can get anything in this store.”  Donovan looked around and saw comics and furniture and old glass. He walked to the front of the store and there it was – a REAL scorpion in a plastic case.

Phoenie and the Scorpion

Donovan was very excited to see this big scorpion and asked his mom if he could get it.  He named his new friend, Scorpio and he studied him all the way home in the car. He wondered, ” What would happen if I broke the glass”? At that very moment, Donovan’s mom put the breaks on at a red light and Scorpio slipped out of Donovan’s hand and smashed into the back of the front seat.

For a moment, Donovan couldn’t find the scorpion but suddenly, he spotted it slowly crawling up and around the front seat, towards Donovan’s mother’s head.

Donovan wanted to warn his mother…BUT IT WAS TOO LATE!

From the front of the car, there came a High C scream of terror and Donovan knew that he was in big trouble.  Donovan’s mom swung the car into the school parking lot, stopped and jumped out and danced like a crazy woman, trying to shake the scorpion off her clothes.

Donovan was watching his mother shake everywhere and he was feeling very embarrassed because all his friends were watching from the playground.

“How am I going to explain this one?” he thought to himself.  He saw his friends running towards his car and he wanted to hide under the seat.

“Hey, Donovan, why is your mother dancing in the parking lot?”  Suddenly, Scorpio bounced off Donovan’s mother and landed right on one of Donovan’s friend’s neck.

Donovan smiled and thought to himself, “Neck good.”  (He thought that was really funny.) He jumped out of the car, reached down his friend’s shirt and grabbed Scorpio with his bare hands.  His friends were astonished that Donovan was so brave. Everybody was watching Donovan and everybody wanted to be his friend right away.

To this day, Donovan’s mother has never bought Donovan another scorpion and well, Donovan and Scorpio are still best friends.


Thank you for reading my story this week. This adventure really didn’t happen but I like my story. I also took the picture above.

Phoenix Slobodian


  1. Donovan sounds a lot like Slobodian. Hmmm…

  2. Great story Phoenix! Keep writing!

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