Posted by: Diane | August 3, 2013

God Is Good Every Week

I woke up to a great truth from a friend…

For the hard week, the long week, the backed up, broken down week. He sees you.
For the good week, the full week, the love lived in the floorboards and round the kitchen table and back out again week. He sees you.
For the smudged eyes and runny mascara week. For the shouted prayers and broken promises week.
He sees you.
For the aching heart, hurts-to-breathe week. For the lonely week. For the lost week. He sees you.
For the empty tank and forgotten errands. For the dirty dishes and loads of laundry week. He sees you.
For the laughter shouted week, the friends around the exciting news week, the beloved week. He sees you.
However your week ended. However your week began. You are as beloved today as you were at the start of it. He sees you, friends. He sees each individual unique week you’ve lived.
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8
He’s got you and this week and the next one.
May you find all your peace and accomplishment in the One who spoke this week into being.

-Devotional excerpt by Lisa-Jo from (in)courage.

…a fort building escapade with Phoenie – I’m sure he will be blogging about it on Monday and he’ll show pictures of the final product…

fort in progress

…and another good laugh from a Toastmaster friend…

Wait, wait...

It’s a long weekend for us Canadians, the waves are rolling on the lake, the sun is shining and God is good…all the time.

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