Posted by: Diane | July 29, 2013

Papak And Phoenie – Camping 2013

I’m “on the ball” today…(get it?) so I have lots of good thoughts about my camping trip with Papak last week.

thinking on the ball

I was so excited about going camping with Papak. I helped him pack up for the trip and even though I planned to bring four pairs of underwear, I ended up wearing two sets of clothes for four days.

Here are some of the highlights of the trip.

I actually caught two fish on one lure but the big one got off when it got closer to the boat.  The fish in the picture was smaller and it wasn’t big enough to eat so I threw it back in and we went to the restaurant to eat pickerel. Papak didn’t catch any fish so this year, I was the champion.

camping trip 2013 #2 eating pickerel

Another highlight was when Papak taught me how to use a very sharp pocket knife and I was given the job to cut all the tomatoes and cucumber.  Maybe one day, I can get my very own pocket knife. I sent the picture of me using the knife to my mom so that I could freak her out.

Phoenie cutting tomatoes

We built a lot of fires but we still ended up with a full bag of wood on the last day and we had a really big fire that night.

Phoenie at the campfire

I met a little chipmunk and I named him Chipster because the name, Chippy was always taken when Nana named a chipmunk that she always fed on the porch.

Phoenie feeding the chipmunk

I like my face in this picture.  Papak and I visited Discovery Harbour and this anchor was REALLY heavy.

Phoenie lifting the anchor

We slept in a cool tent that I helped Papak put up…

PHoenie in the tent

and that’s where I slept!  Good Night!

Phoenie in his sleep bag

I love my Papak.

Phoenie and his Papak

It was a fantastic time and now I have some great stories for my speech this year when I’m in Grade 4.

Nana put this picture at the end of the blog because it reminded her of me.

boy a noise


..and that’s the end of my blog today.

Signing off,

Phoenix Slobodian

Phoenie is finished the blog


  1. I do things like that to freek out my mom too. My favourite picture was sitting on the ball.

    From cousin: Madison

  2. Awesome! We had some friends over last night and we were talking about our camping trips with our kids – great memories!

    • For sure – the camping experience just bursts with good memories, doesn’t it?

      • I have to confess something though – after baking in a a tent in the Texas heat a few times, we bought an air conditioned pop-up camper. One of the best investments we’ve made:-) We sold it shortly after I was diagnosed.

  3. Sounds like you made a great decision to trade up for an AC’ed pop-up camper! Wise man! I like to think of myself as someone who just loves the camping experience but one hot night in a stuffy tent would reveal the real me – pop up camper it would be for me too!

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