Posted by: Diane | July 16, 2013

Glorification of Busy

Oh, I like this.

Stop the glor

We had a guest speaker at church this past weekend but I was more impressed with what he did than what he said.

My husband, Chris had an early morning worship band practise and our son had the second car so I volunteered to come to church early and find something to do for an hour, while Chris was practising. I found a quiet room in the church, took out my laptop and starting writing my next speech for Toastmasters.

About five minutes into my writing, a man knocked at the door and let himself into the room. I recognized him right away – he was a young pastor from Dominican Republic, who had been visiting our church for the past few weeks.  Before we knew it, we were having a wonderful conversation about all sorts of topics.  At one point, our pastor came into the room and offered Luis his personal office but Luis declined and continued talking with me.  We talked about an hour and it was a delightful conversation.

At about 9:00 am., we both headed into the service…

…and soon enough, I realized that Luis was also the guest speaker for the morning.

Most likely, there were places to go, people to see and things things to do in preparation for speaking yesterday morning but Luis stopped everything and chose to talk to me.  It wasn’t a quick, “how are you?, “I’m fine” conversation – it was meaningful and memorable.

When I think of people who have made the biggest impact in my life, it has not their expertise or accomplishments that have inspired me –  it has been their humility and sincerity. Mattering is a universal human need and it’s one that all of us have the opportunity to satisfy.

It’s not about having time to spend with others – it’s about making time to do so.

Thanks, Luis.

The most important


  1. Well said and so true! The world has glorified being busy….. We need to reframe our thoughts and our time, yes , “the most important things, are not things.”

  2. Excellent, Diane! I am afraid to admit this, but I was once one of those people that believed busyness was next to godliness.

    • Thanks for your honesty, Bill. Praise God that he doesn’t give up on us, right?

  3. This is awesome! You MATTER to me, Diane. xo

  4. A wonderful experience for your memory bank Diane! xoxo ‘Mrs. B.’

    • Very true! These kind of moments definitely stay with you!

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