Posted by: Diane | July 1, 2013

It’s Canada Day!


What a great day! Canada Day is right up there in the list of my favourite holidays – Thanksgiving, Easter and Canada Day! Chris and I had about 25 people over for the afternoon and a good time was had by all! Lots of delicious food, lots of swimming and tubing, lots of hangin’ out and lots of laughs.

I’m exhausted – hosting a big family gathering is exhausting – but it’s SO worth it! I can’t think of a better way to spend a wonderful holiday.

We ended the day with a magnificent Canada Day sunset…

Canada Day sunset

…and of course, the infamous firework display put on by Chris and Drew – the big boys got to play with their toys.

I’m proud to be a Canadian.  I love this country and I am so thankful for the freedoms that we experience…

When Stompin’ Tom Connors died early this year, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was quoted as saying, “We have lost a true Canadian original.” Tom loved Canada and he sung some real down home Canadian songs like this one.



  1. Thanks for hosting the Canada Day gettogether! We all , young , old, and in between, had a wonderful time. Great to have a 10 week old up to the seventy year old.
    Love hearing the laughter, animated conversations, and just the pleasure of bring together with siblings and their families, along with some friends.
    Yes, we as immigrants are thankful for such a wonderful adopted country. Thank you, Canada!!

    • It was an absolute joy to host the Lindstrom family today! I agree – I stopped to listen to all the laughter and animated conversations too! It was good to watch everyone mingle. So glad I’m part of the Lindstrom clan!

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