Posted by: Diane | June 29, 2013

We Love Our Strand

We started our Canada Day weekend with an evening at the movies… at The Strand of course. Beaverton’s very own theatre. Every Friday and Saturday at 8pm, 7 bucks will get you the movie of the week. Not movies that have fallen off the radar, but current films. Last night was The Great Gatsby. When we drive by on Sunday, we find out what’s on next weekend from the updated marquee (I’ve never seen it being changed. It must be in the middle of the night). We haven’t yet discovered a web presence for The Strand, so that’s how we discover what’s coming soon. That and a wonderfully retro Coming Soon and Feature Presentation teaser at the beginning of each film.

Here’s a sample. Some of you who were around in the 60s-70s might recognize these graphics and cheesy synthesized music.

That and the art-deco decor (somewhat faded by now and hard to see as they never turn the lights up enough) make for an interesting blast from the past.


…complete with our own Star Wars Desert Creature (Bright-Eyes). And yes, those are Comedy/Tragedy masks glowing over the fire exits.

The Strand is run by some wonderful old gals who shut it down mid-winter for a month or so to go down to Cuba for a holiday. They faithfully take tickets from a small, outdoor booth, tear them up inside the door (remember that?) and the waft of your uncle’s musty basement hits you as you enter the lobby.

Popcorn is sold in pre-packaged boxes for 2 bucks a box, no butter. The boxes, around the size of a cake-mix box (When did we start needing popcorn by the barrel?) Sodas comes in the old thin wax paper cups, complete with thin straws (Why do we need big fat straws nowadays? Are we in such a rush that soda sipping needs to be faster too?)

Anyhow, always a fun time, even if the movie is not that great (Gatsby). And the crowds are not crowds. Last night, there were maybe 25 people total, the biggest showing we’ve seen this year.

When in Beaverton, visit The Strand!*

* – Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm only, Consult your local listings for Check the marquee the week before, if they’re not closed for winter holidays.

And if they’re closed? Find a B&B, stay overnight, and try some ice-fishing in the morning!



  1. I think we went there after camp in Udora, about 45 years ago!!!

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