Posted by: Diane | June 11, 2013

Come Walk With Me

What a precious time it was!

Coco lived with Chris and I for two years, while she was attending high school.  She just finished four years of university so I drove four hours yesterday to celebrate her graduation. I felt like a proud mom – I’ve watched Coco grow up for the past seven years and seeing her thrive in her life is such a blessing.

Coco graduation 1

Certainly, watching her graduate was a very special moment but I have to say that meeting her mother, who travelled all the way from Shenzhen, China, provided a particularly memorable time as well.

Coco graduation 2

Other than, “Thank you” and “Goodbye, teacher”, Coco’s mom couldn’t speak a word of English – which made our time together, without Coco, very challenging. We just smiled at each other, tried a little sign language (that wasn’t very successful) and waited awkwardly until Coco was able to interpret for us. It was so interesting for me to recognize how uncomfortable I was, sitting beside this woman in total silence, knowing that both of us had so much that we wanted to share with each other.

Once the graduation was over, the three of us went out for Chinese food and finally, Huiling and I were able to communicate with each other. One common theme that she was trying to explain to me was that she had really noticed that Coco had changed over the past few years – in a good way – and she attributed this positive change to “Coco having God in her life.”  I agreed – I explained that the confidence, peace, security and hope that she was seeing in her daughter was because Coco was learning to find her identity in Christ.  It’s strange when two people are conversing about a third person, who also happens to be the interpreter but Coco did an excellent job. Huiling voiced some motherly concerns for her daughter and I do believe that our conversation alleviated the worry that she was feeling.

It was a very precious time for two moms to talk about a young woman whom they both deeply cared about and respected. There is no language barrier when it comes to love. Huiling was so thankful that Coco had a “Canadian mom” to watch over her and I was so delighted to meet the woman who brought up such an beautiful, independent, sensitive and loving daughter.

At the end of the day, as I hugged Huiling, she said many times over, “Thank you, Teacher”…and that just made me smile.

Once again, I am so thankful to God for the opportunity to be involved in such a beautiful older-younger woman friendship. I am so happy that seven years ago, God led me to ask Coco to “come walk with me.”  I wanted to build into her life.

Diane, Coco and Huiling

I encourage you to look – and pray – for FAT women: women who are F-faithful, A-available and T-teachable.  When God brings a women like that into your life, grab her! She may not know exactly what she wants or who she wants it from, but she is obviously seeking to go deeper with God and wants to learn more.   Carole Mayhall


  1. Oh Diane! What a special day,meeting, and connection!
    Yes, your connection with Coco has been God directed. What a wonderful you g woman Coco is !! Congratulations Coco!!

  2. Coco certainly is wonderful young woman.- and you can take some of the Credit I think, Diane.I know you had a big influence on her life

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