Posted by: Diane | June 8, 2013


We were invited over to the neighbours last night and much to our dismay, they had us sitting at the end of the driveway.

Chris and Diane - picnic (48)

We had a good laugh about it.

It’s wonderful to have good neighbours.  As one of them said last night, “Life is short and I don’t want waste my time watching hours of TV – I want to be with the people I love – family and friends.

I agree. My neighbours are my friends – and I truly love spending time with all of them.

But that was last night – today, we worked all day outside, cleaning up the waterfront and gardening… and we’re both exhausted. So, now we’re going to sit down and just watch some TV.



  1. At least we used the fine crystal candle holders, linen (like) napkins, the good water goblets – and of course, the best of Chinette! Nothing but the best for you and Chris!
    Jennifer says to tell you that you crumbled way too quickly on the TV front!

  2. Love your comment – and yes, I agree…we did indeed crumble way too quickly on the TV front but we watched a great show – “Call the Midwife” on PBS!

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