Posted by: Diane | June 5, 2013

Living And Working In A Small Town

I love living in a small town.

I suppose part of the reason for my thinking this way is because I grew up in big Toronto so the small town mentality has been refreshing. I admit that it took some getting used to but I think Chris and I have settled in very well and there’s no place we would rather live.

I’ve blogged about small town living before…

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…but now I don’t only live in a small town – I work in it.

I remember the first time that I popped into smallMart – a small department store, tucked into the main street of Beaverton. It was about two years ago and I had just finished a long bike ride. The window display was bursting with color and it drew me into the store.  I asked to see the manager and we had a delightful conversation, despite my strange cycling attire, helmet, cleats and sweaty face. For the next couple of years, the manager and I kept in touch off and on but the circumstances just weren’t right for me to work there. I continued to look for other part time employment; there was the emergency dispatching, the bus driving escapade, interpreting for the deaf and retail positions but nothing “fit” around my writing time. Through all my seeking employment adventures, smallMart kept popping into my head so I kept popping into the store.

A part time position came up about a month ago and I am now working the cash register, filling helium balloons, taking in dry cleaning orders, stocking shelves, pricing inventory, answering phones, running to the bank for change and best of all, I’m getting to know more people in my community.  I love it. I’ve been training for three weeks and today, my co-worker actually left me in the store alone to fend for myself. I felt a bit panicky when the Debit machine jammed and the customer line up was getting longer but I managed to solve the problem without my co-worker coming to the rescue.

SmallMart is a small store that serves our community in big ways so there’s a lot of details that I have yet to learn but I’m enjoying the new challenges. I’ll be doing shifts alone soon so I’ve gotta’ get better at multitasking but I’ve been a young mom and a teacher so multitasking is right up my alley – I’m confident that it will all come together with time and practice.

There is definitely something special about living in a small town and I feel the same way about working in one.

The adventures continue.


  1. To make me smile :))

  2. I heartily agree with you about loving small town living!

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