Posted by: Diane | June 4, 2013

Being A Kid

When we were in Whistler, we spent some wonderful time with Chris’ niece and her three children. While we were walking around the Olympic village, Chris and I decided to treat Jade and Branden to a super – duper, special COWS ice cream cone. Branden had been hinting how delicious this particular ice cream would be as we walked towards the store and hey, this is what guests do, right?  – the “out of the ordinary” stuff that parents don’t do.

We went into the store and Branden knew exactly what he wanted but the conversation with five-year-old Jade was priceless.

Diane: So, what flavor ice cream would you like, Jade?

Jade: I want “Gooey Mooey”, please.

Diane: Do you want it in a cone?

Jade: Can I??

Branden: She doesn’t need a cone. She won’t eat it all. 

Jade: But I want a cone. 

Diane: You can have a cone.

Jade: Really??

Diane:  What kind of cone do you want?

Jade: Can I have the one with the pretty sprinkles on it?

Diane: You can have Gooey Mooey in a sprinkles cone. Yup. Coming right up. 

Jade was just overwhelmed with happiness and as I handed the ice cream cone to her, she looked at me and said, “This is the best day of my whole life.”

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jade savor every bite of that ice cream cone and her brother was completely right – she couldn’t eat the whole cone but she most definitely ate all the sprinkles and ice cream.

Later that day, we were preparing dinner at home and Jade walked quietly down the stairs, wearing a fancy, dress-up outfit, hat and shoes. She was also dropping rose petals behind her as she paraded through the living room and kitchen. She had the most beautiful smile on her face and she was lost in her world of make believe, enjoying the present.


As much as I wanted to be part of the adult conversation, I was mesmerized by Jade’s confidence and delight in just being a kid and once again, I basked in sharing another simply glorious moment with her.

I miss having young children. I miss watching them enjoy the simplest of things. My “baby” is 24 years old now and having young children feels like forever ago. These memories of precious Jade, coupled with some pictures that my daughters randomly sent me today from her “box of pics” made me feel quite nostalgic. I had so much to do tonight but instead, I decided to pull out the old photo albums and disappear in the “back then” days for a while.

It’s good to remember the past but so important to fully live in the present.  Someone once said, “The past is a good place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.”

People are always asking about the good old days. I say, why don’t you say the good now days? Robert Young


  1. Thanks for making my granddaughter so happy. I just love being with her, and her siblings of course!! Joy!! Pure joy of Cows ice cream. And dressing up in whatever you want.:))

  2. Loved your blog once again…. And I think that is why I am so excited to be a grandma. As much as I love the baby snuggles, cuddles, first smiles and coos…. I can already picture going for puddle walks with little Owen, floating paperboats, collecting bugs in a jar, visiting the zoo and playing puppets! I fully intend to make, and enjoy, ” the good times now!”

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