Posted by: Diane | June 1, 2013

The Last Day Is The Best Day…

I didn’t think it was possible to be holidayed out but I am – it’s time to get back to reality. Chris and I have had two marvellous, refreshing and connecting weeks together but I’m glad that we’re packing our bags and climbing onto a plane that takes us home tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to seeing our kids, our grandson, our friends and neighbours. I’m late planting my vegetable garden, we have to start planning for a big July 1st family BBQ at our place, we have to get the dock in and the boat out, I’m got some mega-tutoring to do this week and I have a number of shifts at a new part time job in town that I started a few weeks ago.  Ahhhh…this is the stuff of reality.

Home sweet home is a’ comin’!

Yesterday, we spent some awesome time with Chris’ niece and family in Whistler.  We had such a fun time playing with the three kids and we thoroughly enjoyed the Peak 2 Peak gondola ride between the top of Whistler and Blackcomb mountain. (the longest unsupported lift span in the world – 3.024 kilometers) The kids made sure that we got the glass-bottomed gondola car so the view was fantastic.Very cool.  We wandered around the the Olympic village and basked in the majestic surroundings of beautiful Whistler. Our wonderful host, Kristine, cooked us up an amazing dinner, we enjoyed numerous backyard badmington games and an outdoor fire, complete with Branden chopping wood and Jasmine roasting marshmallows. We spent the entire day playing together and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Saturday 5

Saturday 6

Saturday 8

Coming down from Peak2Peak

me and Jade

Saturday 9

saturday 10

This morning, we packed up and leisurely headed back to Vancouver but we made two stops along the way. I saw a sign on the highway, advertising the Squamish Farmers’ Market so that was our first stop. The mountains were calling us – I mean, what a magnificent backdrop for an outdoor market!

saturday 11 Squamish Farmers Market

This market was abundant with B.C. farmers and their goods, out-of-this-world homemade baking, great music, artisans, crafters, community groups and live music. We had such a fun time, wandering around and enjoying the incredible community spirit.

Secondly, we made an unexpected stop at Porteau Cove Provincial Park. I was absolutely captivated by the glorious, rich, purple-blue colors of this place, along with the incredible forestry. Here is a 360° video of what has become one of my favourite places in the world. It speaks for itself. We just couldn’t have planned a better last day of holidays.  It’s those delightful, unexpected experiences that make for a great holiday.  We had done a lot of planning for the two weeks but a quiet drive along the Sea to Sky Highway brought such grand appreciation of this beautiful God-gifted world.

Saturday 12


  1. Thank you for the beautiful tour of the west coast Diane. God does such marvelous work with and in creation. Safe journey.

    • absolutely, Debbie. Wonderful moments of admiring His handiwork!

  2. I’m so glad you got to visit with my daughter Kristine an the wonderful Grandkids! Yes the drive itself is magnificent!!
    No wonder the kids don’t want to move back to Ontario!

    • Yes, the drive was breathtaking…and visiting Kristine and the kids was a real highlight of the trip!

  3. You sure know how to pack so many great memories into a day lady, and then record them for others to enjoy! Welcome back, we have all missed you.

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