Posted by: Diane | May 22, 2013

Glacier Glory

Chris and I are sitting on our balcony, listening to the thunderous calving of icebergs off Margerie Glacier.  The sky is without a cloud and the sun is beating down onto the water, filled with growlers and icebergs (not sure what a growler is but they said they’re there). This is absolutely spectacular.


Early this morning, we attended a Glacier Bay Park Rangers Presentation and we were taught about things to look for that might signal calving – “a section of much bluer ice than the rest of the glacier face and/or small showers of ice and snow tumbling into the water, and cracking and rumbling sounds.”

It just happened again.

This is what an Alaska cruise is all about – it’s not about the food or the activities – it’s about the beauty of the surroundings.  Chris and I are mesmerized with it all, snapping pictures, taking videos and “ooh-ing & ahh-ing” with every glance outside the ship.

A huge albatross or some such bird just swooped by about three feet away from us.

Yesterday morning, I was woken up about 4:30 a.m by a penetrating orange glow from beyond the cabin curtains.  When I peeked out the curtains, I was blinded by the rising sun – I thought the sunrises were spectacular by our house but this one beats them all.

Chris had arranged for us to enjoy breakfast, tea and coffee in our room and then we started our day.  Anyone who has been on a cruise is quite aware of the endless activities offered on board – here are some examples:  Meet the Sun yoga classes, Brain Wave quizzes, Knitters and Natters Get Together, ship’s tour, Zumba at sea, Poker tournaments, Table Tennis tournaments, photo seminars, scavenger hunts, Arts and Crafts, Reindeer Chili Buffets, Ladies Pamper Hour, Champagne Art auction, Bridge tournaments, Afternoon Tea, Golf Chipping into the pool, a variety of odd spa treatments, Veterans Get-together, cruise choir, movies and a “Do You Wanna Dance?” production… to name a few.

To be honest, our goal was to do as little as possible this week, spend some great time together, read and embrace the beautiful scenery so we haven’t taken part in much of the social life. Chris spent some time in the hot tub and tried the reindeer chili, we’ve exercised in the mornings, played table tennis and shuffleboard, done some reading that turned into napping, wandered around, laughed a lot and went to see an evening production. Relaxing is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it? – or should I say, in the heart of the vacationer? To some, it’s about going strong with fun activities. For others, it’s about solitude and rest. For Chris and I, it’s about being alone together – connecting.

Tomorrow is our first port of call and we’re heading out on a “Hike and Float Combo” in scenic Skagway – a two mile hike on the Chilkoot Trail and a 45 minute float trip on some kind of raft.  Chris is having trouble with his MacBook so we can’t import camera pictures today.  Hopefully, he’ll solve the problem soon so I can post some great pictures!


  1. Glad you are taking that trip. We will the next time! I am ” awwwwing” with you. You both have the right idea. Enjoy! God gave it to you as a gift! How wonderful is that?!

  2. Glorious! Love y’all.
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  3. Sounds as if you have your priorities right on! The sunrise, iceberg growlers and scenery sound magnificent! Enjoy the peace and the beauty!

  4. Diane, you’re bringing back wonderful memories of the Alaska Cruise we took a few years back! We were there about the end of Sept. (a few years back), and it was a bit cold, but spectacular in every way!
    And yes, an outside room with a balcony is a must… 🙂
    Hope the weather is pleasant for maximum enjoyment ~
    Of course, inside the ship it is always perfect!
    Have a grand time, (you can rest when you get back !!)
    Enjoy ~

  5. I can’t wait to see your pictures. I am so happy for you and Chris to enjoy this wonderful trip!

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