Posted by: Diane | May 21, 2013

Cruising From Whittier

There is something to be said about the body truly letting go and relaxing when it goes on vacation. When there is no schedule, no demands and no people to tend to, my body seems to go on strike: it militantly speaks out: “OK – I’m really going to let go, catch up on sleep, move slower, think less, ponder about the simplest of things and release all my aches and pains.” Chris and I had yet another crazy sleep-in yesterday morning. We enjoyed a relaxed breakfast, followed by a relaxed workout, followed by a relaxed walk around Anchorage.

In the early afternoon, we hopped onto a relaxing tour bus to Whittier, grabbed the front seats and thoroughly enjoyed a breathtaking panoramic view and extremely informative recorded commentary of our surroundings – the history of Anchorage, the makings of glaciers, the construction of the longest tunnel in North America and the horrendous story of Portage, a town that sunk ten feet because of the 1964 earthquake and was thus destroyed by flooding and saltwater.

When we exited the tunnel, the Island Princess was waiting for us.


Chris was like a little boy, anticipating his first ever boat ride and he was utterly enthralled with the view.

This is our room…


…and this is the view from our room…


Standing on our 12th floor balcony, looking down onto the strong swells of the ocean waves and out towards the vastness of the mountains strongly reminded me that it all belongs to God – He created this world and everything in it. (Psalm 24.1) Chris and I are captivated by and extremely thankful for all that surrounds us.


  1. Fabulous! I think I will want to go on an Alaskan cruise after all!

  2. Amazing – just beautiful!
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  3. Thanks for taking us with you via your blog and allowing us to glimpse, “His captivating beauty”!

  4. Beautiful Diane, thanks for taking me along with you via your blogs, and allowing me to catch a glimpse of! “His captivating beauty!”. I was able to post a few comments earlier on, however now the blog always kicks me out when I try to comment! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your writing, and the way your love for The Lord shines through like sunbeams! Xo enjoy every day away with your man!

    CarolynJ “Treasure your moments, and your health,for they are your life”

  5. Oh Diane, it’s breathtaking! You won’t be able to keep your eyes off it. Be prepared for a full heart the rest of your trip.

    On your way south, you will pass a resort in Campbell River, situated on both sides of the inlet. We saw the Island Princess pass us while we stayed there this time last year. JD caught an 18 lb. Coho Salmon which we brought home, (for a price), but it was worth it .

    Do take advantage of all the opportunities except maybe the bus ride in Skagway. Half good, half very dark! Great train ride as part of it, but I wouldn’t take it again.

    I am so happy for you. Enjoy every moment , especially the sleep- ins with that scenery. Treat yourself to room service for breakfast .No cost other than maybe a tip. Idon’tknow your package. Ours,the tips were included in the package for everything which was nice. Sitting in your bed, sipping on coffee, and looking at God’scare awesome creation . Doesn’t get any better!

    Love Barb

    PS…My verse for today ,
    Psalm 37:4 So nice to give our day over to The Lord, and then run with it!

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