Posted by: Diane | May 20, 2013

Anchorage, Alaska

It was a long way to Anchorage, Alaska but we arrived late Saturday afternoon.  Of course, the beauty of the mountains took our breath away and we just stood and took it all in. We had been up for close to 24 hours so when we got to the hotel, we just collapsed on the bed  – it was “nightie night” at 7:30 pm. and we slept for a solid twelve hours.

When we woke up yesterday morning, I was so tired, my hair hurt. It took a while to scrape ourselves off the bed but we had big plans for the day. Anchorage is one of the most spectacular places to bike so we made our way to the downtown core of Anchorage,  hopped on some rented bikes and headed out for the day on the beautiful 11 mile (one way) Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. 

Chris and bikes

Chris kept saying, “Now back up a bit. Further. A bit to my left. Now further back. Further back…”


We weren’t alone on the trail…


…and we were warned about the bears.


At one point, we sat under the runway of Anchorage airport and watched massive planes taking off over our heads, a la Wayne’s World (according to Chris) The weather was perfect – sunny with a touch of cold. By the time we got back to the bike store, our leg muscles weren’t working anymore so we stopped in at the Anchorage Market. I had to be in a cheesy, touristy picture…


and we gobbled down the best tasting halibut tacos and homemade corn fritters.


Chris and I struck up an interesting conversation with a woman who picks up all the porcupine roadkill off the highway and makes fascinating jewelry with the quills. I think we asked enough questions to get the knack of the entire process so Chris and I have decided to start our own quill jewelry business back home – apparently, you don’t need to dismember too many dead porcupines to make quill earrings because each porcupine has about 30,000 quills. The secret to harvesting the quills is to let the roadkill “cook itself” naturally. Then the quills practically fall off. For this, you need to be down-wind. On second thought…

porcupine quill jewellry

When we returned to the hotel, we were really looking forward to a quiet, relaxing time in the hotel hot tub but we were  soon joined by a loud and rambunctious boy’s junior high basketball team so we cut “the spa” experience short and headed back to the hotel room to read, eat and watch a few episodes of Ultimate Survival Alaska on TV.

It was an amazing day. The sun set at 10:52 pm but once again, we were long gone in La-La-Land to witness it .


  1. Wow! Sounds like a wonderful time! And you’re together to experience the bedurync ambiance !!looking forward to your travelog .

    • Not sure what bedurnyc means but we’re having a great time!

      • Hmmm. Love the autocorrect?????
        I think I meant together to experience the ambiance and adventure….no Chris, I didn’t have a stroke. Ha ha.

      • Ha, ha……we love you, Kath…and yes, we are enjoying every minute of our adventure!

  2. Making memories! How great is that? Are you going on a cruise at some point? xoxo ‘Mrs/ B.’

  3. Holy cow! Already having some amazing adventures! Have fun you two!! Xo Linda
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  4. Wow, Diane, and this is only Day 2! Thanks for the pics too. Keep ’em coming! The trip of a lifetime! Love Barb

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