Posted by: Diane | May 6, 2013

Lost And Found

Chris and I had such a slow, relaxing day yesterday, I forgot to blog!

We went for a wonderful bike ride in the afternoon, stopped at the pier, lay on the rocks and watched the clouds moving across the sky.  Our wonderful neighbours had us over for dinner to celebrate Chris’ birthday and it’s always good to catch up and laugh with our next door friends.

We also celebrated solving the case of the missing running shoes. Let me explain.

On Friday evening, as I was picking Chris up at the airport, I suddenly got hit with a sick feeling. I remembered that in the midst of multitasking and packing up earlier that afternoon for an overnight stay at a friend’s, I had absentmindedly left my running shoes on the top of the car and driven off. (Of course, the memories of various items left on the top of cars in the past, including two mouth retainers, a science project, a birthday present and numerous travelling mugs came flooding back) The running shoes were old but they were the only shoes that I could fit over my broken toes.  The worst part of it all was that the custom made orthotics inside the shoes were VERY expensive and it certainly wasn’t in our budget to replace them. I was really frustrated…

…so I prayed and went to bed – there was nothing else that I could do because I was seventy five kilometers away from home that night.

The next morning, Chris and our next door neighbour started searching for my shoes – just what these men wanted to do with their beautiful and sunny Saturday. About an hour into the search, Jim found one of the shoes on the side of the road, about two kilometers away from our house. Chris texted me the good news, I was elated and continued to pray as I helped a friend de-clutter and pack up her house. Chris then proceeded to drive around town the rest of the morning, looking for the partner shoe, without success.

It wasn’t until late that afternoon, when Chris decided to do one more desperate sweep of the two way highway, that he spotted the second shoe nestled in the ditch, about five kilometers away from our house.

Two shoes, orthotics in tact. I was a very happy woman, delighted neighbour and thankful wife.

What have you left on the top of your car? Come on…’fess up!


  1. Hmm. On our way to Florida when the kids were young, after a pit stop, I put my purse on the roof before taking my turn to drive for the next two hours. We started to drive from the gas station and a man started honking at me. I thought “How rude. I’m not doing anything wrong.”
    He kept it up and then started pointing to the roof. We were almost at the on-ramp of the highway….and then it dawned on me. I pulled over to the side, stopped, got out and looked at the roof. There was my overstuffed purse with our passports, money , credit cards, Disney tickets sitting comfortably on the roof. Had we been on the highway……
    Didn’t have a chance to thank the man of whom I had thought badly.
    “Thank you man in the passing car. Please forgive my thoughts of of you.”

    Oh yes….also numerous mugs of coffee in ceramic mugs have escaped from my roof onto roads or ditches…I don’t like metal, cardboard or styrofoam for my delicious black java!

    • Great story, Kathy. There were a couple of cars that passed me and flashed their lights at me – I thought they were warming me of police up ahead…now I’m wondering if they were telling me about the shoes on the top of my car!!

  2. Cousin Aili – Oh Diane – I left the most comfortable and well worked-in pair of Kodiak boots on the top of my car; this is back in around 1986. At that time, the kids were 4 + 6 and I use to take them out of school and head up north to my parents’ cottage in Innisfill near Lake Simcoe and we would x-country ski at Hardwood Hills on Saturday and Sunday. There was no cottage per se, just a sauna building and the room at the end of the garage, which served as the kitchen. I drove up with the kids and David took the GO bus up after work – we would meet him at the bus stop in Stroud.
    So I am packing the car, too many things to carry, 3 feet of snow on the ground so I placed my Kodiaks on top of the car – and drove away. To this day, I mourn the loss of those boots 😦 SOB. Kodiaks take a long time to work in !!

    • I totally get it. That’s how I felt about these running shoes – they were old but I had worn them in so well. Ah…the tales of a multitasking mother, huh?

  3. Just like Kathy – travelling in PEI – stopped to look at the “White Sands Hotel” (Anne of Green Gables). Driving down a gravel road we were honked by an old truck with two grizzled men inside who kept following us (think about Ozarks and the movie “Deliverance”). They finally pulled in front of us so we had to stop. One of the “grizzlies” comes up to my window and says gruffly “Do you have lots of money?” Visions of death, before he said “Because your purse is on your car roof.”

    • Great story, Anne. I think I would be thinking exactly the same thing if I was in your position!

  4. my husband drove off from church with his bible and ipad on the roof. it was found on the hwy and someone looked in it and found out he was a pastor and contacted him, surprisingly it was still intact!

    • That’s amazing! I can’t believe the ipad was still working. The Bible?…well, it always work, doesn’t it? 🙂

  5. One time I left my wallet on the top of the car flew off on the on ramp !

    • Did you lose a lot of money, Danae? All your cards too? I take it that you didn’t get it back??

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