Posted by: Diane | May 3, 2013

A Different Approach

I taped my broken toes and squished them into a cycling cleat yesterday. I couldn’t stand it any more – the weather was amazing and I had to get on my bike. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but I took the risk because I miss the ride.

I hobbled over to the shed quietly, hoping that I wouldn’t run into any of my neighbours. I knew that if they caught me sneaking out on my bike, I would have gotten a big lecture about “Don’t be silly, Diane…you foot is not ready for cycling” and they might have been right…

…but I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try.

The easiest way to be creative?  Try something different, even if you don’t think it will work. Sometimes, all it just takes is a slight shift from the norm and less analysis. I loosened the top part of my left cleat and gingerly rested my foot on the pedal but didn’t clip in.  I compensated by pushing harder with my right foot that was clipped into the pedal. It was a rather unconventional way to create energy but hey, it worked and I went for an exhilarating and much needed bike ride. The longer I stayed on my bike, the more comfortable my pedalling became – it just took some time to figure out how to do things differently and the result was that I was able to do far more than I originally thought I could do.

Some people might call that crazy – I call it a calculated risk.

Life is a whole lot more exciting when you go for it.

try something new


  1. Wish you had taken your own nurse along with you on the risk ride! So glad you made it back safely xo

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