Posted by: Diane | April 19, 2013



Now THIS is worth a blog post!

Our septic tank continues to give us problems. So, the pumping service came this morning, blocked the road and started emptying our septic tank, for the third time. Chris came inside and asked me to run upstairs to flush the upstairs toilet during the pumping process.  After I did this, I ran in our bedroom so that I could yell out the window and tell him the toilet had been flushed.  As I rounded the corner into the bedroom, I jammed my foot against the wheels of my suitcase that I had left on the floor, all packed and ready to go for an overnight hotel stay.

I went down hard.  I can’t remember being in so much pain and I knew right away that I had broken at least one toe. I broke into tears, hobbled downstairs and yelled for Chris, who was now busy unplugging the pipe that leads from the house into the septic tank.

NOT the ideal time for him to help me.

Although my foot was throbbing, I couldn’t help but laugh at this insane scenario. I’m in a big speech contest tomorrow! I have to stand up in front of many people tomorrow afternoon, present a speech and move around while doing so. Now what?

So, at this very moment, Chris and I are heading to the closest hospital to get my foot x-rayed and hopefully, get some kind of walking device so that I can put some weight on this foot. Looks like I will be practising tomorrow’s speech in the emergency room.


Stay tuned for the next episode!


  1. OMG !!!! Hope it is NOT broken – but finish the septic tank story !!! LOL

  2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Noooo, oh Diane I am so sorry. I’ll add that to the request you sent earlier!! Heal quickly dear friend.

  3. Oh Diane…. We will definitely be praying for your speech and now for your emergency… Pray the wait time is not long… Hugs Sis

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  4. Oh no! Poor you. Maybe you will have a better chance at winning the speech as they might feel sorry for you when you talk and limp. Just kidding.

  5. I feel your pain … I fell down the stairs a few years ago leaving my foot at the top stair and the rest of me laying parallel to the stairs head pointed downward. My toe was broken and to this day it is stuck – I can’t mend it anymore..
    You are going to do awesome I have no doubt in my mind. You are an awesome storyteller and that’s all you really need to do.. get up there and tell the story.
    Please post when it’s over and tell me how it went. Hopefully they will be able to come back with results before the business meeting!

  6. Just read your blog, to fill in the gap. Haven’t been able to do my email until now. As if you don’t have enough material for your blogging!!!
    Praying my dear.

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