Posted by: Diane | April 4, 2013

The One Lens Wonder

You gotta’ be able to laugh at yourself.

Yesterday afternoon, I grabbed my sunglasses and headed to the grocery store for a quick shopping, before picking up my student for tutoring.

I had no idea that I was missing one lens.  The left side of the world didn’t look any brighter to me as I went on my merry way.

I actually walked up and down the grocery aisles looking like this.

one lens wonder

I have to admit, I do remember some people looking at me  – particularly the girl at the check out counter and the snickering teens in the parking lot –  but not once, did it ever occur to me that I looked so ridiculous. It wasn’t until I got to Monika’s house, when she climbed into the car, started to laugh and asked, “What happened to your glasses?” that I realized I looked like a pirate…

…but life goes on.  Sometimes, you just need a humorous reminder to take yourself a little less seriously. Laugh at your silly mistakes, unflattering photos, personal quirks awkward moments, blunders and really dumb questions. I’ve been there and done it all – just ask my husband and close friends.

Why is it good to be able to laugh at the goofy stuff we do? According to a recent study, being able to laugh it out, especially at yourself, is not only a “distinct trait” but is also indicative of an optimistic personality and good sense of humor.

I think it has more to do with humility – having a sober estimate of yourself. (Romans 12.3) Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You don’t grow up until you have your first good laugh at yourself.” Wise words, right? The older I get, the more I truly recognize that my security comes from Christ, not from what others think of me. I don’t need to pretend that I’ve got it all figured out and I don’t want to be so sensitive about my imperfections that I can’t throw my head back, laugh and learn.

Life is definitely better when you’re laughing and those who love us will laugh with us, not at us. Well…sometimes, they’ll laugh at us too…but that’s OK when you’re secure with yourself.

If you can't laugh at yourself,                                          



  1. Haha – yet another good post !!! Diane, you should have told your student “There’s nothing wrong with my glasses, just keeping my eye on you “

    • You’re right – that would have been an awesome comeback!

  2. I am laughing my head off….this is soooo YOU! reminds me of the video story. only you Di, only YOU!

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