Posted by: Diane | March 13, 2013

Respect Your Feet

These days, I’m practising my Toastmasters speech for the next level of competition. I’m not worried about remembering the speech or getting up in front of a crowd – I’m concerned about wearing high heels!

I joined Toastmasters in late August, 2012 and from the first friendly invitation to try Table Topics, (the portion of a club meeting devoted to exercises in impromptu speaking) I was hooked. I love all the challenges, I love all the learning but most of all, I love all the Toastmaster members…

…but I wear low shoes to all the weekly club meetings and that suits me just fine.

I’m a “running shoes” kind of gal but in this world, there are times to consider the “dress for success” approach. As the saying goes, “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” I know that the Lord looks on the heart but people DO look onto the outward appearance (1 Samuel 16.7) so I reached deep into my closet, pulled out a pair of black shoes that I wore at my daughter’s wedding two years ago and gave them a good dusting off. (I don’t need to get carried away and actually buy a new pair of shoes for the occasion.)

I slipped into my heels and it all came back to me. The pinched toes, the corns and calluses, the sharp pains through my arches – OK…it wasn’t that bad but I did teeter to the back and then totter head first into my bed. An altered centre of gravity will do that to a running shoe and Croc-wearing woman.

I have no idea how women wear these kind of shoes all day, every day. I find it rather ironic that it’s all about the nice look of the leg but when the shoes comes off, it’s becomes all about the hammertoes, bunions and neuromas, joint pain, pump bump (the bony enlargement on the back of the heel) and the stress fractures, not to mention the sprained ankles and long term back problems.

This is how I see it  – I ask a lot of my feet.  Each one contains 26 bones, 56 ligaments, 38 muscles and an even greater number of nerves and blood vessels. According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine, the average pair of feet takes an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 steps each day and travels up to 80,000 miles in a lifetime. Walking puts the pressure of about one-and-a half times my body weight on my foot and running increases this pressure to about three or four times my weight.  So, I need to appreciate my feet…and wearing high heels shoes is NOT how I spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

I’ve got two days until the competition so I’m going for the lower heel and a well-practised speech. The black heels can wait for the next wedding.



  1. Yes – finally gave my feet respect by ditching the usual $29.99 pair of runners and going all out on $125.00 Walking Nikes – that sound you hear is my feet thanking me – most comfortable walking shoes ever!

  2. Ya I totally get you! Not worth the suffering just for looks. Men don’t wear heels so why should we ladies wear heels? I LOVE Croc shoes you gave me for my birthday! Thank you

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