Posted by: Diane | March 5, 2013

Another’s World

We can get caught up in our own little world, can’t we? Sometimes, it’s tough to step out of “me” and and focus on “us.” 

I have been recently reminded that love is about making the time and effort to enter and appreciate someone else’s days.  My husband’s job has taken him to faraway places for the past couple of months and I’ve been doing the writing-blogging-speaking-tutoring thing close to home. We really have been in two different worlds. With thirteen hour time differences, work schedule and daily commitments, it’s been tough to connect.

Chris was home for less than 48 hours this weekend but we made time to discover each other’s worlds – that meant shutting everybody else out for a while and focusing on understanding what we’ve both been feeling in each other’s absence.  As I listened and empathized with all of Chris’ cultural adjustments, work challenges, loneliness and fatigue, I really “got it.” I wanted him to know that I couldn’t do what he does – I couldn’t deal with all the airports and waiting and squished seating in the plane and odd hotels and fish eye soup and long days of work and “collapsing on the bed” kind of exhaustion and ….the list goes on. I entered Chris’ world and I wanted him to know that I deeply respect his work ethic and his ability to provide for us. I wanted him to know that I don’t take this for granted.

Diane loves Chris.

Last night, Chris came to my Toastmaster’s speech contest. He knew that I have been disappearing every Monday night for the past six months and he has encouraged me to pursue my interest in public speaking but until last night, he really didn’t have any idea what I was doing or how challenging Toastmasters involvement can be. Last night, he really “got it.” He watched me win a Speech contest and place second in an Evaluation contest. He saw my passion and ability. He entered my world, thoroughly enjoyed the new friendships and gushed with great pride over my success. He could clearly see how my writing, blogging and speaking opportunities are moving me forward.

Chris loves Diane.

Lasting, passionate, authentic love for one another takes work, time and commitment. Chris and I want to give the best of us to each other – not the leftovers at the end of the day. It’s so important that we continue to be genuinely interested in each other’s worlds and fiercely protect our marriage. We are so thankful that we love and serve a God Who embodies love and continues to teach us how to stay close to one another.

Chris and Diane love God.

I drove Chris to the airport this afternoon and he shared this quote with me.

What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence.       Samuel Johnson

Oh, how I yearn to love with ease.

We love because he first loved us.   1 John 4.19 NIV



  1. Just beautiful Diane. Gave me the ability to reflect and regain perspective. Thanks for letting me into “your world” through your gift of blogging. S xo

  2. Oh how i can sooooo relate to this, and i am so glad that this part(traveling) has come to a close “for now” in our lives~ craig says he is a “house-husband”, and it is precious to wake up next to him most mornings. We are seeing alot of marriages falling apart all around us, and we need to pray unceasingly for God to work…He is not finished “writing the story” yet! xo

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