Posted by: Diane | March 4, 2013

What’s In A Name?

It happened again.  My friends just made a big move to the country…and Reliable Movers (not their real name, but you’ll get my drift) didn’t turn out to be so reliable. In fact, the whole move turned out to be a disaster.

This is just a friendly piece of advice – you can take it or leave it – but if you ask me, it’s not a smart decision to employ companies that feel that they need to include an adjective in their name. Sounds crazy, I know… but experience has taught me to stay away from descriptive names when I’m deciding what company is going to move my household belongs, cut my hair, provide my propane or drive me to the airport.

My quirk was birthed many years ago, after receiving a hair cut at “Perfect 10 Salon” that looked like someone had used garden shears to do the job. I’m pretty sure it happened the same day that “Pro Realtors” really messed up with a friend’s house sale and “Quality Cars” sold a co-worker a real lemon.

I realize that catchy business names can connect well with customers and differentiate the company in a targeted marketplace but you’ve got to be careful. When that car with the big Christian symbol on the bumper sticker goes whizzing by me at mach 2 speeds and the teens in the back seat haven’t got their seat belts fastened, I am not impressed.  It’s a poor witness for Christ when the standards are set so high, the expectations are so publicly displayed and the driver is texting on his phone.

It’s similar with companies.  If you have to brag about your company’s services, it’s a yellow light for me – just let the standard of excellence in service speak for itself. I’m not saying that Speedy Muffler doesn’t do a good job or Hero Burger doesn’t make a mouth watering hamburger but generally speaking, I would stay away from “Curl Up and Dye Salon”, “Perfect Pasta” restaurants, “Magic Fingers Massage”, “Merry Mortgages” and “Simpler Times Funeral Planning Services.”

Chris just got back from Singapore and visited The Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant. That’s WAY too many adjectives!

It’s just a suggestion but stay away from the adjectives… but plays-on-words can sometimes work – our friend’s favorite is Anne of Cream Bagels. Now who wouldn’t stop there???


  1. Too funny!! We just had a major hassle with Payless car rentals. It took many phones calls and emails to have them correct their error and charges. At the registration counter we had trouble with the attendant and then with the manager. We were already upset since their quick shuttle service took 50 minutes to pick us up…live and learn :))

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  2. so did Chris eat some duck? if so was it super?

    • Actually, Chris was looking for the super, duper duck! 🙂

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