Posted by: Diane | February 25, 2013

OVERFLOW!! – February 23. 2013

What do you get when you put ten relatively inexperienced fisherwomen out on Lake Simcoe with a few auger-drilled ice holes, wooden sticks, fishing line and a bucket of minnows?

Fisherwomen 2013

Some crazy ice fishing!

ice fishing on Lake Simcoe

Actually, you get a good haul of perch and two good sized herrings (we had to throw them back in the lake because apparently, they’re illegal to catch and keep.)

We all did a lot of fish kissing…

ice fishing - Suzanne

ice fishing - Danielle

ice fishing - Sam

ice fishing - Monika

ice fishing - Mai

ice fishing - Karen

ice fishing - Diane

ice fishing - Anneke

..and some baby kissing too…. (Lesley, he’s one beautiful, precious baby boy!)

karen and Lesley's baby

Monica and Lesley's baby

We had some male help along the way – Joe, the photographer and cartoon-teaching husband and last but certainly not least, wonderful Ron – my neighbour –  who patiently hung out on the ice with us for four hours and graciously prepared the fish to eat.

Joe and his fish


Ron cleaning fish

The sign on the fish hut was,” Our Mission is to get you fishin’..and that’s what we did!

We had a great day together, as always.

The OVERFLOW! group has been meeting for over two years now and we continue to thrive. Something special happens when older and younger women spend time together – to learn, to play, to encourage, to honor God and enjoy each other.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to regularly meet with such an awesome group of women.

OVERFLOW! has big plans for 2013!

Joe, Ron and the fisherwomen

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