Posted by: Diane | February 21, 2013

Just Push Pause

I have to consciously embrace change over plans. Sometimes, I do this well. Sometimes, I don’t.

I am notorious for meticulously planning my day. I want to spend time in the Bible, connect with my husband, enjoy my friendships, prioritize others, focus on big chunks of writing time, exercise, get the daily chores done and honor my commitments. I want to appreciate and rejoice in every day that God gives me.  However, it often feels like the days are too short for all that I want to accomplish. I believe that “there is always enough time in a day to do God’s perfect will” * and I also believe that God’s approach to time sufficiently meets the changing needs of the hour. However, I often plan too much and leave God behind.

The worst is when I head to the big city.  I live in a small town, with a minimum of services so when I have an appointment that takes me south, I start planning all sorts of activities –  heading to the Health Food Store, grabbing lunch with a friend, shopping at Costco, meeting another friend for tea, getting my hair cut, meeting up for dinner with a friend and squeezing in a third appointment. After all, if I’m going to spend the money in gas to go that distance, I want to use the day well.  Makes sense, right?

When my days unfold smoothly, it’s a beautiful thing.

The problem is that more times than not, “life happens between all my plans” ** and God has a different agenda for my day. I am learning to be more willing to let go of my plans by praying for the mindset of a servant.

Take today, for example.

A friend was coming over early for a cup of tea BUT we had such a wonderful talk together, she stayed longer than I had planned. No problem – I’m very thankful for this new friendship and the extra time gave us some wonderful moments together.

Instead of doing a quick shopping, gas fill and gym workout before visiting an older neighbour, I only had time to do a shopping and fill up the car. I met a woman in the grocery store and we started talking – great conversation –  BUT it left no time to fill up the car so I headed to my older friend’s house without filling up the car or working out.  This woman and I had such a brilliant together – the conversation was so inspiring and once again, it changed up my schedule.

I managed to fill up the car BUT when I got to the gym and called Chris to touch base, I found out he was waiting to go cross country skiing with me. I was already primed to do some weight lifting so I shortened my workout significantly and headed home – Chris is heading overseas tomorrow and I wanted to make sure to have some good time with him before he left.

We skied over to a friend’s house just to say hi BUT we ended up eating cake at her house so that cut the skiing time down. We made it home much later than I anticipated so that changed the evening plans…

…and so it is.

My writing hours completely disappeared and instead, my day was filled with unexpected blessings here, there and everywhere. That’s what people do in our lives – their needs, encouraging words and stories seldom “fit” our schedules, do they? I am learning to “just push pause,” invite God to do whatever He wants to do with my day and prioritize others.

Like I said, sometimes I do it well. Sometimes, I don’t.


*  quote from Elisabeth Elliot

** quote from John Lennon

But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in Your Hand…” Psalm 31:14-15



  1. Yes, I believe that the unexpected appointments in our day are God inspired. Serendipities for some, and help for others. As our former youth pastor Marv Penner used to say, ” Be Jesus with skin on”.

    • You gotta’ be ready, don’t you? Diane

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