Posted by: Diane | February 8, 2013

Snow Dump 2013

The snow dump has come upon us. Welcome to the Canadian winter. We’ve got well over two feet of snow..and it’s still coming down!

snowdump 1

Everything closed today (Chris is stranded in Washington – his flight was cancelled) and radio broadcasters strongly advised everyone to stay home and shovel their driveways…over and over again. I needed a shovel to find my shovel!

I ended up with a wrenched back from all the shovelling and a dead car from forgetting to turn my lights off when I foolishly decided to battle the snow and work out at the gym.

I also ended up with Monika.  A two hour tutoring session has turned into a tutoring/playtime/sleepover!

snowdump 2

Big shift in weekend plans, THAT’S for sure!

So, that means a shift in attitude too. The quality of the weekend depends on the ability to embrace change.

Looks like I’m going to have some unexpected chunks of time to write…and some fun times with my houseguest! Bring on the fun!

When you’re finished changing, you’re finished. 
Benjamin Franklin

Reminder – I’ll be taking a week off blogging – February 11th – February 17th.  I’ll be returning on Monday, February 18th.


  1. Ah, Diane ….. we’ve already had over six feet of snow this winter – you’re just amateurs!

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