Posted by: Diane | January 16, 2013

Good Intentions, Bad Results

Chris and I learned a very important lesson this morning – don’t upset the neighbourhood apple cart.

We were up and out of the house by 7:00 a.m. and heading to the gym. We had a great workout and as we were driving home, we drove by our street’s mailboxes. Once the snow comes, the newspaper deliverer leaves the newspapers by the mailboxes, rather than navigating down our road because it can be treacherous getting out of here when there’s been a big snow fall. Usually, one of our neighbours heads out around 8:30 a.m, picks up the newspapers and drops them off at our house but this morning, we decided to surprise everyone and deliver the papers ourselves – you know…be a good neighbour.

Bad idea.  Really bad idea.

We got to the first house and I quietly walked up the front porch steps. Sally, their golden lab, was inside the house and saw me coming, pounced on the front door and started barking loudly. Well, guess what? I woke up my neighbour, who obviously had thrown on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt so he could stumble out to the front door and check out all the commotion. I smiled and said a cheery,“Good Morning” but decided it wasn’t a good time to strike up a conversation – I know Sally’s barking started my neighbours’ day a bit earlier than they wanted.

Oops. Our bad.

While we was waking up this neighbour, the other neighbour (who usually goes and gets the papers) had since driven to the mailbox so that he could pick up the papers and to his surprise, there were none. He is an elderly man and I’m sure he was confused.  Meanwhile, we had driven to his house to drop the paper off and Chris had to go into a lengthy explanation to both our neighbour’s wife, who greeted Chris at the door (wondering what was wrong) and then once again, as our neighbour drove into his driveway, without the newspaper.

Oops. Our bad again.

It was a calamity of errors…but the intention was good.

Chris and I have decided that from now on, we’re just gonna’ ignore the papers at the mailbox and continue exploring other ways to love our neighbours – hopefully, without waking them up or confusing them.

love your neighbour billboard

Love your neighbour as yourself. Matthew 22.39

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