Posted by: Diane | January 15, 2013

Lance Loses

I was just about to sit down and blog about Lance Armstrong when my son emailed me an excellent article about the upcoming Oprah interview with this disgraced cyclist. It’s an excellent article – it’s worth the read.


I heard this morning on the radio that Oprah was well prepared for the interview and girded herself with one hundred and twelve questions.  I really want to see this interview when it plays this Thursday and Friday night but we don’t get the OWN channel.  Maybe it’s for the best because I have to admit, I’m struggling with my attitude.

I want to watch this man squirm.

When I first started cycling thirteen years ago, Lance Armstrong was my hero. I read all his books, watched his interviews, supported his Livestrong Foundation, watched his Tour de France victories and marvelled at his athletic prowess.  I heard the odd rumor about his doping but there was far more emphasis on his achievements than any scandal at that time. I was mesmerized by the physical ability of this man and often, as I climbed hills during my long distant treks, his victories inspired me to keep pedalling.

The first reality check came when he left his wife and children for another woman. I wasn’t impressed but I foolishly separated his integrity from his cycling achievements. However, when the evidence continued to mount against him, in terms of the doping allocations, I took his books off my shelf and sold them to a second hand store. Then the famous picture of him was published – you know the one where he’s lying on a couch, gloating in his superiority, surrounded by his victory shirts.

Lance Armstrong

That’s when I got mad.

For thirteen years, Lance Armstrong vehemently denied taking performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France seven times. These allocations are serious but to be honest, this isn’t what angers me. What I struggle with the most is this man’s arrogance and complete disregard for other people. He has elevated himself above all men and in his evil self protection, he has tried to destroy many people – people who dared to speak the truth to his avalanche of lies.

It is beyond me that anyone can be this vindictive and still sleep at night. There’s an old German proverb that says,  “A clear conscience is a soft pillow” and that means Lance has been laying his head on rock for the past thirteen years.

In the last few months, his selfish and arrogant behavior has finally caught up to him – he’s been cornered and he’s been caught – and I believe that is why he is confessing at this time.

It’s a sad situation…but so is my attitude. I need to examine my own heart.

There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. Luke 12.2 NIV

The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good. Proverbs 15.3 NIV


  1. I recently had a dear friend tell me he is sure everyone lies. My response was sadness – as long as those I love don’t lie to me I expect very little from everyone else. Lies protect egos – and I like to think there is nothing others need to conceal from me in a loving realtionship. I truly don’t expect people to lie – I like to think the best of others and that’s what I usually get in return. However, when the lies happen (and they have and they will) I remember that I have experienced the love and mercy of God in my life – that gives me strength to head for the high road, love those who hurt me and detach from those who lie. How many times did Jesus tell us to forgive? Up to that high road now – perhaps realize there is no human being or accomplishment meant for a pedistal – that may cut down on some anger and disappointment, It is always good to reflect and examine our own hearts, name where the anger is coming from and change course. Leave the examing of others hearts to God.

    • I agree with you, Debbie – I do need to look at my attitude. However, having said that, I do believe that Lance has some explaining to do. Natural consequences will follow but there are victims whose lives have been deeply affected by his dishonesty and adamant denial of reality.

  2. Totally with ya.

  3. While I agree with you on Lance’s lack of character, and how he handled the situation, I still believe his athletic achievements have not been diminished one bit. The fact is that cycling is in a sad state, and most everyone dopes. The playing field was level–he was a winner amongst other dopers. Given the politics of cycling, some of his actions with how he dealt with allegations of doping is “standard” by cycling concerns. If you read about any other “fallen cyclist”, as I’m sure you have, they all start off with vehement denial, followed by being caught and finally admitting.

    If you’re up for the topic, there’s a wonderful documentary around David Millar and his insight into the doping scene in road cycling. It’s a very interesting perspective.

    I guess the fact is, doping was always prevalent in Cycling. It was experimental at first, and the doping was not so performance enhancing…but it seems that since the Fignon days, the situation has changed.

    • Thanks for your perspective! I am still impressed by this man’s athletic prowess but it’s clouded by his lack of integrity. So good to hear from you, Shaun! I would love to watch that documentary! Diane

  4. Another idol has fallen off his pedestal. I am so sad to hear of his doping. I too have read his books and was so impressed with his ability to fight back after his cancer and go back to cycling. I hope that his confession is genuine and that he is truly sorry for all the lying. ‘Mrs.B’

    • …a good reminder never to put another person up there, right?

  5. Very interesting perspective from Mike Wittmer today – he distinguishes between the “big little man” and the “little big man”. He contends that Lance Armstrong is a “little big man.”

  6. Amen. As a amateur cyclist and major fan of the sport… this has been my response as well. Enough. What was hard is when my 8 year old asked if he really cheated and lied. What a mess to explain to little kids who have watched and cheered him on… ugh.

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