Posted by: Diane | January 3, 2013

Be A Hill Seeker

Today was our first day out on our new cross country skis. It was delightful.

Both Chris and I were a little wobbly at first but by the time we had made it back to the house, both of us had gotten into the rhythm and neither of us had fallen.  Chris was breathing hard but all that summer cycling over the past few years has given me a strong heart and I was feeling pretty good. Chris gave the experience a 7/10 with the expectation that with time and a greater aerobic capacity, that number would get higher but I gave it a 12/10 – I loved every minute of it.

In fact, I wanted to find a hill.

I’ve always been a hill seeker…but it’s not going down the hill that gets me excited – it’s climbing up. I love the challenge of going up hill.

When I’m cycling, I’m hesitant to going down hill quickly because I’ve had a couple of crashes.  Cycling on the flats can get a bit monotonous but standing up on the bike and peddling hard to the top of the hills? Now, THAT’S what I love to do. I know – it’s a bit strange. I suppose it comes from the intense, disciplined and goal-oriented training I did for so many years as a competitive gymnast. I get such satisfaction when I’m challenging myself physically.

It’s funny to watch Chris and I cycle together. He loves to fly down the hills but I take the down hill cycling slowly so he passes me. We ride pretty much the same speed on the flat but when the hills come, that’s where I leave a cloud of dust behind me as I whiz past Chris and peddle to the top. We arrive home around the same time!

In many ways, I feel like I’ve been climbing up hills all my life.

It’s the climbing that has made me a stronger person. I’m not afraid of the hills. I don’t avoid them. Life has seldom gone the way I’ve wanted or planned but God has given me the capacity to persevere, to grow in resilience and to hold unswervingly to hope in Him (Heb 10:23).

No question, I’m a hill seeker.

Be a hill seaker


  1. that’s why your are such a strong, unique and wise person!

  2. Happy to hear you got the skis!! 🙂

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