Posted by: Diane | January 2, 2013

Endless Possibilities

It’s the beginning of a new year and it’s a great time to think of ways to challenge oneself.

This quote really inspires me.

Either write something worth....mageProxy

So, here are a few challenges I’m working on for 2013. They’re “challenges”…not resolutions. ūüôā

1. I would very much like to learn more about contemplation…sitting quietly with Jesus…and listening more.

2. I continue my writing journey into 2013, hoping that I “write something worth reading”¬†and that¬†someone will become interested in both my completed manuscript, as well as the manuscript that I am currently working on. ¬†I’m not discouraged about the rejections because I believe they are all part and parcel of the book publishing world. I truly love writing – the hard work, the discipline, the wrestling with words, the “AHA!” moments, finishing a story, working my way through a book proposal… it’s all good. It’s better than good. It’s amazing.

3. Chris and I have also been working on some creative physical goals for the year, so that we “do something worth writing” as well. We’ve decided to take up cross country skiing, since we have a big, frozen lake in our backyard. We have also joined a gym for the first time, with the intention of running to the gym and working out together early in the morning. We’re pumped to lose weight and get fit.

4. Chris and I enjoy a front row view of some awesome sunsets so I decided to crochet a¬†“sky and sunset” blanket this year. The idea is to crochet one row of the blanket each day for the next 365 days, showing the colors of the sunset that day. ¬†Unfortunately, the past two days have been cloudy and gray but give it a little time and the sunsets will be glorious once again. I’m sure this is going to be one strange looking blanket.

5. I have taken on executive¬†responsibilities¬†at Toastmasters so the next six months will be filled with speaking and leadership opportunities. I want to grown in my story telling abilities. A friend recently told me about a book called “The Dream Society” by Rolf Jenson who writes, ” In today’s Information Society, we prize those who can skillfully manipulate data. In tomorrow’s Dream Society, we will most generously reward those who can tell stories.” ¬†I find this statement fascinating and I’m ordering the book tonight. Might as well get a head start!

6. I will continue my involvement with the¬†OVERFLOW!¬†group and speaking into the lives of older and younger women. More than ever, I am convinced that the¬†OVERFLOW!¬†group is an innovative and refreshing way for women to build into each others’ lives.

7. I would like to take a beginners photography class.

So…these challenges should keep me out of trouble for a few months.

Life is short. There is so much to learn. I want to glorify God, love others and change my little part of this world for the better.

It’s never the “same old – same old” when you journey with Jesus.

Dwell in possibility

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