Posted by: Diane | December 28, 2012

I Can’t Ignore The Music

I’ve appreciated all kinds of music in our home this Christmas season – thanks to our talented son-in-law and his songbird daughter, my rockin’ husband, my daughter’s drumming boyfriend and our visiting friends. Chris and I have hosted a couple of great jamming sessions and our neighbours have popped in to see what’s going on in the Lindstrom house.

family music 1

family music 2

family music 5

family music 4

Berthold Auerbach once said, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  So true.

Music can make me dry dishes faster, cry harder, sing louder and reflect deeper. It’s a funny thing – when I’m happy, I tend to appreciate the music. When I’m sad, I tend to appreciate the lyrics. These past couple of weeks, I’ve bopped to upbeat “oldie but goldie” Christmas music and worshipped the Savior Jesus of the classic Christmas carols. I’ve been contemplative and finger snapping, captivated and quieted.  I’ve turned the volume up and I’ve turned the volume down.

What I haven’t done is ignore the music.

I am a frustrated, wanna-be musician – I can hold a tune,  do a mean “Wipeout” drum solo if I do say so myself, (although I’m not sure my husband would agree) I hum in the shower, I played bass clarinet in high school and I never say no to joining in any “Heart and Soul” piano duet that routinely seems to be birthed if there’s a piano within ten feet of me – but this doesn’t stop me from making a joyful noise when I sing along to engaging music.

Music does something to the soul. It lifts and it lingers. It soothes and satisfies. For the accomplished, passionate music maker, it makes everything right  – in the case of my husband – as the notes are sung, the strings are plucked and Jingle Bells rings through the house.

Chris - Jingle Bells

music - one of the best ways


  1. Since I can’t hear music clearly, I am looking forward to hearing beautiful sounds in heaven someday! Sometimes, I like hearing opera because it is only one voice without using any musical instrusments which complicates sounds. I couldn’t stand hearing music at the Salvation Army church as it was way too complicated with so many musical tools. It sounds like very loud raspberry noises. My ears will be ready for heavenly music!

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