Posted by: Diane | December 4, 2012

The Coming Of Christmas…Days 1,2,3 and 4

It’s always takes a quiet day to “get back into reality” after I’ve been away.  I started slowly this morning but as the day unfolded,  I did gain some speed. I unpacked, cleaned up, did three loads of laundry, made some soup, worked out, popped over to my neighbours to bring them some authentic San Francisco sour dough bread, caught up on emails, did some writing and then I headed into the living room, where “Christmas in a box” was waiting for me.

Christmas decorations

The same Christmas decorations come out every year yet somehow, it always feels new and exciting.

Family memories flooded my mind as I handled all the homemade ornaments and I took great delight in looking at all the brightly colored paper, Christmas bags, ribbons and bows. As I unwrapped all the special family heirlooms, I found the family advent calendar that I made almost thirty years ago.

After we had our firstborn children, my friend and I decided that we wanted to bring on the Christmas season in a different way – with the emphasis on the birth of Christ, rather than chocolate pieces hiding behind little doors of a store bought advent calendar. So, we put our heads together and got creative. This is what we came up with – twenty five little pockets, filled with colorful symbols and short explanations.

Advent calendar 2

I wish I had opened up all these boxes at the end of November so I could fully enjoy this advent calendar but…well..better late than never. I will share the short explanation, prayer and symbol each day this month and I hope it will encourage you. Remember..this was made for little children to understand.

December 1

Advent calendar picture 1

Behold, your king is coming… Matthew 21.5

“Advent” means coming. Long before Jesus was born, God’s people were waiting for Him to come. We wait for Him to come too – into our hearts, our homes, our lives. We know we are sinful and we must be sorry for that. The color of our symbol is violet, which is the color of repentance. The shape is that of a cross to remind us of our need for a Saviour.  Jesus will come again and we wait for His second coming with hope and peace and joy because it will mean a joyous reunion in heaven for us.

PRAYER: Come, Lord Jesus. Amen.

December 2

Advent calendar picture 2

For you who fear My name the sun of righteousness will rise… Malachi 4.2

Today’s symbol is a bright yellow sun. Jesus is our Son of Righteousness. As the world follows the course of the planets in their movements, we who are God’s people follow the course of our Lord Jesus. He is our guiding star, giving us light for our way, leading us towards God and peace in Him.

PRAYER: Guide us, O great Jehovah. Amen.

December 3

Advent calendar picture 3

The day shall dawn upon us from on high…to guide our feet into the way of peace.  Luke 1. 78,79

A dove is the common symbol of peace. To us Christians, it is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit. He brings us a special kind of peace – peace with God. This is the peace of knowing God loves us so much that He sent His only begotten Son that through faith in Him, we have eternal life.

PRAYER: Holy Spirit, fill our hearts with peace. Amen.

December 4

Advent calendar picture 4

The peace of God…passes all understanding.  Philippians 4.7

The circle is a symbol of eternity and green symbolizes life. It reminds us that the peace that comes from God is eternal and we can be at peace even at the time of death, because we await eternal life beyond.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, thank you for the precious gift of peace through Jesus Christ, Your Son. Amen


  1. Beautiful Diane! Are you going to do this each day? This would be a great project for kids to make.

    • Yup…I will share one every day this month. I just had to catch up on the first four!

  2. Oh I used to love that calendar!! I remember it so well!!

    • I loved it too. Remember we hung it on the basement door? Every morning, you would be so excited about what was coming out of that day’s pocket. I have beautiful memories of your smile, Danae. Love mom

  3. You are so gifted Diane….what a wonder advent calendar, reminding us about the true meaning of Christmas. xoxox ‘Mrs. B.’

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