Posted by: Diane | December 3, 2012

Mom-Daughter Time

Four days in San Francisco with my daughter. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Thanks to my son-in-law’s generosity and my husband’s air miles, Dawne and I headed to San Fran early Friday morning…and I mean, EARLY! After a crazy Thursday evening of driving up and down the 401 four times, looking for the right exit to our airport hotel (I have to own up to scribbling 427 S instead of 427 N and consequently heading to Lake Ontario, instead of the airport) Dawne and I were up at 4:00 a.m. to catch an early flight. It made for a very long Friday but it was worth it because San Francisco was waiting for us.  We ditched our luggage in the hotel room, grabbed two courtesy umbrellas and headed out into this city’s first major rain storm. Honestly, it rained from the minute we arrived and it didn’t stop until this morning, as we headed back to the airport.

But the weather didn’t dampen our spirits.

No question – Dawne “out Christmas-shopped” me. Now I know what “shop ‘til you drop” means. Actually, Dawne never dropped but I bailed out twice and did some quiet reading in our hotel room because I was exhausted. At one point, Dawne made me go into Nordstrom’s and look up into the multi levels of “stuff” – that was enough for me to run out of the store and never return.

We did a lot of people-watching, exploring, eating, picture taking, walking and ordering in. Dawne loved going to Alcatraz on a rainy, foggy Monday morning. Note the stylish Alcatraz rain ponchos.

Alcatraz raincoats

I loved wandering through the open markets on Saturday morning. We both enjoyed the walking tour, competing for chocolate with the odd questions asked by the quirky tour guide. At the end of each full day, it was so nice to collapse onto our hotel beds, watch a chick/flick, eat gooey pizza and crochet/knit our blankets.

It was good to have long sleeps and long talks.

We were both sad to see Monday come. I got a big laugh, watching Dawne try to cram her luggage closed but she got me back, watching me get pulled aside at airport security. In the midst of packing my bags this morning, I was so focused on the weight restrictions that I absentmindedly put all the heavy liquids in my carry on bag. Of course, I got pulled aside, searched and charged.

Very embarrassing moment.

We’re home now – it’s almost midnight.

Wonderful memories, wonderful mom/daughter time together.

It’s not just about spending time together…it’s about investing.  I love you, Dawne.


  1. Aww… I’m jealous. Think I’ll attempt to do mother/daughter time too with my daughters…one at a time…so glad you had a time of bonding. Sleep well!

  2. What, no pictures? Glad you had such a lovely time. I’m thinking that Dawne’s knit blanket might be getting a little too big to tote around

    • Got a picture for you now, Margo!

      Yes, Dawne’s blanket is looking REALLY great. We both commented that we wish you could have seen the two of us on the plane, knitting/crocheting up a storm! You would have been proud. The guy sitting beside Dawne liked the blanket she was knitting so much that he actually asked her if she took orders! Diane

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