Posted by: Diane | November 24, 2012

Ah…the Christmas Spirit Is Upon Us!

I’ve been tripping over boxes and bins of Christmas lights, blocking the front hall for the past three days.  Chris has been busy going back and forth to Walmart, replacing old incandescent lights with LED lights. It’s a 40 K drive to the closest Walmart so you can imagine how “happy” he was when he opened the box of new lights to find that the wrong size set had been put in the box. However, I think it was the perfect excuse for him to do a little Black Friday shopping all on his own and I must admit, he came home with some great stocking stuffers.

So, today was the official outdoor lighting ceremony. It was cold, windy and snowy but Chris was determined to hang those lights. I filled him up with a huge bowl of oatmeal, flax, pears and blueberries so he was good to go for a couple of days.

Me? I was so happy when the front hallway was cleared.

Chris fiddled around on the roof for a long time but finally…


It took two trips to Walmart and three roof climbing expeditions for Chris to get the lights looking like this. I had to laugh – the left side of the house wasn’t cooperating and somehow, we still had two different color white light strings. Ugh!

I had to remind Chris about the Christmas spirit….thought this little poem might help…NOT!


  1. Your house looks great. Larry just carried our labelled boxes to OUR front hallway- plus two that say “Christmas crafts” and “outdoors”. So tomorrow after church, we’ll get started..have had the Christmas carols playing during dinner so it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….first snowy day!

  2. Ps. I love the Swedish Christmas stars in your windows!

  3. Put on the Joulurahu CD and it won’t matter if the left side of the house isn’t cooperating!! Enjoy some of the best Christmas music ever!

    • Thanks, Julianne. Great idea! Love Diane

    • I’m just decorating with the “Jõulurahu”(Christmas Peace) cd on. It feels like Christmas now!!! Now I need to make Estonian Christmas Barley sausages and pipparkook. Any takers?

  4. I don’t know if you celebrate the liturgical season of Advent – those four weeks we celebrate prior to Christmas – a time of achknowledging darkness in our world and our lives – knowing and trusting that the light of Christ will fill our darkness… is so important to be able to name what is dark in our world – in our lives, understanding that only Christ can cast light on it. Patience is the key. The season of Advent is a time of patient waiting for the light of Christ to redeem us – not just 2012 years ago, but now. Your home is a reflection of the hope we share in the season of Advent. In turn your own light, that of your heart and your life that you share. Your home is a reflection of that hope in the light – that is what I think of as I pass by homes lit up in splendor. We are truly a people of hope and this season gives us an opportunity to share that light and hope with each other. Grace and peace in this most sacred season of Advent.

    • So beautifully written. Thank you – what a wonderful perspective. Diane

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