Posted by: Diane | November 17, 2012

Cold Floor, Warm Feet

One of my favourite memories of living in Slovakia is “papuce.”  Google “papuce” and this is what you’ll see.

In Slovakia, there is a basket of papuce at the front door of most homes – all different sizes, colors and designs. I would walk into the house, take off my shoes and slip into a pair of slippers. I loved that tradition and I always enjoyed looking at all the homemade slippers in everyone’s baskets. I decided then and there that one day, I would have a basket of papuce in my house so that my guests would always have warm feet…

…so when we moved into this house, we got ourselves a box of homemade slippers…

This morning, I realized that I left my slippers at my friend’s house yesterday and it didn’t take long to experience our cold kitchen floors…so I headed to the papuce basket.  I took some time to enjoy these beautiful homemade slippers, made with love by my beautiful friend, Margo. All different sizes, colors and designs. Margo is a master knitter and a much loved friend – she was the obvious choice to ask. For months, I watched Margo create these incredible masterpieces – she made seventeen pairs for us and no two pairs are alike.

“Pappud is what we called them growing up, said my Estonian husband. My mom made them and her mom sent us some from Estonia too. Our whole family always loved them, right down to the nieces and nephews.”

Chris and I love these slippers..and we enjoy watching others love them too. At our house, guests look through the box and find just the right pair of slippers. No matter how big these slippers are on your feet, they seem to stay on. Guests slip and slide across the floors and somehow, these slippers make them feel at home.

I like that a lot – that was the plan all along.  Thank you Margo…for this beautiful gift. I know you understand the power of simplicity and every time someone wears these slippers, I think of you.

Homemade slippers are like wearing a warm hug.


  1. My mother knit me a basket full of Hausschuhe, as they are called in Austria. I’m wearing some right now.

  2. Hi Laura…so good to hear from you! I remember wearing Hausschuhe when I lived in Germany too! Someday, you’ll have to come to our house and experience our papuce! Diane

  3. Yes finding a cosy pair of slippers is one thing I enjoy about visiting your house!!

  4. My MemeRuth made me new ones every Christmas! oh, how craig loves his size 12’s…i need to learn to make them, so i can have a pair, and so i can make craig some new ones since a hole is starting to appear in the bottoms of both(he never takes them off) 🙂

  5. Coziness, simplicity, nostalgia.
    Makes me think of gingerbread cookies, preparing for Chirstmas, and my mother’s beautiful soprano voice as she baked. Thanks Diane.

  6. You are welcome, Diane…

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