Posted by: Diane | November 3, 2012

Guest Blogger

Hi all!

My name is Sarah Murley, and I am the guest blogger for today.  I have my own blog (, however I have been very remiss in blogging, due to lack of time, and maybe a teensy bit of initiative.  A bit about myself, I am a freelancing violinist (teacher, gigging musician and student), as well as a lifeguard with the Town of Richmond Hill.

I am here to tell you about our Minute-To-Win-It competition and visit here in Beaverton.  Hopefully Diane is not censoring this…….

Anyways!  The day started out with us getting to Beaverton and standing on the Lindstrom’s doorstep for about, oh…… 10 minutes or so, in the freezing 100mph wind, waiting for them to open the door.  OK, maybe it was only less than 5 minutes.  Still, it felt long, especially when you have to go to the washroom!  That kind of set the tone for the rest of the day.

To start with, Diane made us play Minute-To-Win-It!  Can you believe it??  She MADE us play it!  How unreasonable it that?  I mean, we drive for an hour, and then bring a bunch of food to eat, and she MAKES us play a game!  It doesn’t matter that they have let us stay at their house for the weekend, or park in front of their cars, or use Diane’s elliptical machine, it still is unreasonable!  ………….Right???

Diane’s reasoning was: “We’ve gone to the Cannington Dog Races together.  Today I declare the “Minute to Win It” tournament!!  18 games, all afternoon!  Two teams, competing for…….a good dinner.”  What a nice prize for an amazing afternoon.

We started with the “Shoe Kick”.  Down by the lake.  Have I mentioned that it was extremely windy already?  It turns out that it is hard to kick shoes into 100mph winds.  And even colder standing on the deck in stocking feet in 100mph winds.  The first shoe that was “kicked” narrowly missed Diane’s head.  We were sorry it was a narrow miss……

“Office Tennis” was an even bigger failure.  It involves two clipboards and a crumpled piece of paper.  Basically what you do is play ping-pong with the paper and hit it into a wastebasket.  I really think that only office-desk-job-delinquents would actually know how to effectively complete this task.

“Penny Hose” slowly degenerated into a very inappropriate game, as the game consisted of sticking your hands down a pair of nylons, with no help from anyone else, to grap two pennies sitting in the toe.  You can imagine what that looked like.  No?  Here’s a picture:

“A Bit Dicey” had us stacking dice on the tip of a popsicle stick, without using any parts of our bodies (even that sounds weird!) to steady the die.  The popsicle sticks were rainbow-coloured, and needless to say, they turned our mouths and all that is in them an unduly shade of whatever colour we had been holding in our mouths.

What comes into your mind when you think of someone scooching along the floor on their behinds on a bathroom carpet?  Needless to say, there were people who begged for no pictures to be taken, I won’t say who, but, we never promised we wouldn’t.  “Magic Carpet Ride”!!

“Noodling Around” involved stacking penne noodles on a spaghetti noodle, using our mouths.  Again.  Did you know that spaghetti noodles become extremely flexible when stress is placed on them?  Only when they are bold straight up in the air are they strong enough to hold 6 penne noodles.  Hence my uncomfortable neck position:

There were several light-headed people after our “This Blows” minute.  Blowing eye-ball painted ping-pong balls from glass of water to glass of water is not exactly my idea of a treat to watch, but boy is it fun watching a light-headed Diane!  Just kidding!  OK, maybe not all kidding……..

“Mummy Rolls” was such a first-world minute competition.  Did you know that toilet papering someone’s house or other property is illegal?  What happens in Beaverton, stays in Beaverton…….

“Balloon Up” was meant to exercise our fine-motor skills and coordination.  I think.  The goal: To keep the 2 balloons up for a minute, or as close to a minute as possible.  The closest we got: 36 seconds.  Sad, really, but then, what can we say for such a developed society?

Unfortunately, we never got to “Extreme Hanky Panky”, but then, I really shouldn’t be concerned, because there weren’t any young(er) guys here.  I think had there been any, it wouldn’t have been a great thing to have pictures.

All in all, it was a surprise getting here and having to play Minute-To-Win-It, but at least we could do it with Chris and Diane!  Love you guys!  Glad to be here, even with the trains!  Just remember, no cell phones next time!

And that, is my guest post!  I hope you liked it!

-Sarah Murley


  1. Love it!

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