Posted by: Diane | October 18, 2012


A friend and I went on a little road trip today to meet Canadian and Christian blogger, Paul Wilkinson. Please check out his daily blog – it’s chock full of interesting insights, links and food for thought. Paul is as busy as his bookstore shelves are full yet he graciously made time to answer a cascade of questions about blogging and writing. The three of us escaped to the back of a local bakery and enjoyed egg salad sandwiches on fresh, homemade bread. Between bites, we told stories and I listened intently to the wisdom that only comes from experience, passion, a teachable spirit and a love for God. I’m a newbie to the Christian blogosphere and a slow learner of blogging lingo but I could not have asked for a better opportunity to meet with someone so willing to help me in my blogging journey.

Thank you so much, Paul – I learned so much from you.

In the midst of our conversation, Paul was speaking of someone who had asked the question of herself, “Am I a blogger who writes or a writer who blogs?” and I thought about that question all the way home.

I came up with this answer: these days, I am a wife, mother, friend and tutor who writes and blogs…but as I drove along the winding, pot-holed road and across the railroad tracks towards home, I was reminded that ultimately, my identify is found in who I am and not in what I do.

I am a Christian, loved and accepted by an ever present, all powerful, faithful God who knows my heart, forgives my sin, restores my spirit and fills me with hope –  THAT’S who I am. I’m not loved because I’m valuable. I’m valuable because God loves me.

…and I happen to write and blog too.


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