Posted by: Diane | October 5, 2012

Just Jump!

Best moment of the day?

Crawling inside a grain bin, climbing a long ladder and jumping into a massive pile of corn grain. Boy, talk about feeling young again – I loved it!  I was absolutely covered in dust and dirt but it was well worth the crazy jumps.

I went to pick up fifteen-year-old Alex for some tutoring time but first thing first – it was a Friday afternoon and time to play.  I spent the next hour petting kittens, chasing chickens, picking tomatoes, climbing into combines and listening to stories.  I brought a “city girl” friend with me and it was a particularly memorable and eye-opening experience for her as she was enlightened about slaughtering turkeys, mating chickens, shooting raccoons and harvesting soybeans.

Somewhere in the farm tour, Linda and I got separated – she was visiting the meat chickens with Conor and I headed into the colossal grain bins with Alex.

Alex started into the stories. “You know what one of the most fun things we did as kids?  Dad would be busy in the fields so Conor and I would run into the grain bins and spend hours jumping off the ladder into the corn. Wanna try?”

Alex obviously didn’t know who we was talking to – OF COURSE I wanted to try!

I didn’t hesitate for a second – I started climbing into the pile of corn and by the time I got to the ladder, I had corn down my pants, up my sweater and in my shoes. I climbed high onto the ladder and I felt like Superwoman as I jumped. I had no idea that one jump could completely cover me with dirt and dust and I think that Alex was so shocked that I even considered participating in this adventure, that he just stared in shock.

but me? Well…it was so freeing to throw responsibility to the wind and just jump. Sometimes, ya’ just gotta’ cut loose and let that childlike curiosity and fearlessness reign.

I don’t ever want to forget that feeling of delight.

It really was a glorious moment.

Then Alex came to my house for tutoring and hamburgers. It was a perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon.

It is a happy talent to know how to play.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

A man is getting old when he walks around a puddle instead of through it.  ~R.C. Ferguson


  1. Oh what fun!!! Memories of staying at Sarma’s farm as kids, but we jumped into hay piles from the loft.
    Aaaah……the freedom!

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