Posted by: Diane | August 24, 2012

Think Big – Think Goats

Goats turn greenskeeper making meal of weeds on golf course.  

Toronto Star, August 21.2012                            

Tuesday’s newspaper byline caught my attention.

Whipper and Snipper are four-legged groundskeepers at Craighurst golf course. Apparently, they’re friendly goats and they’ve been very busy all summer, chowing down on the weeds that pop up on the greens. This is the first time that goats have been used this way in Canada but American goats have been at it for some time now.

The article goes on to say that this has proven to be a creative way to lower costs and use fewer pesticides on golf courses. So, everybody wins. The goats are happy, the customers have embraced the idea, costs are down and environmental impact is lessened.

Somebody was thinking big when he/she decided to employ goats to trim courses.

There will always be rigid people who will staunchly announce all the reasons something isn’t going to work- and they will stay put. Then there are innovative people who will offer up a myriad of different possibilities – and they will move forward.

In his book, The Myths of Innovation, Scott Berkun has identified seven habits of highly innovative people:

1. persist

2. remove self-limiting inhibitions

3. take risks, make mistakes

4. escape

5. write things down

6. find patterns and create combinations

7. be curious

Some innovative individual somewhere in this world was probably watching some goats grazing in a field one day and decided that there had to be more uses for these cute animals than just meat, angora and milk…

…and an idea was born.

Creative people have an abiding curiosity and an insatiable desire to learn how and why things work. They take nothing for granted. They are interested in things around them and tend to stow away bits and pieces of information in their minds for future use. And, they have a great ability to mobilize their thinking and experiences for use in solving a new problem. 

Bill Hewlett 


  1. I desperately need a couple of goats!!! Why not!
    Love your blogs Diane. Thanks for enriching my life!

    • Hey, Barb..maybe you and I can go into an innovative lawn cutting business…we’ve got some alpacas down the road. What do you think?

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