Posted by: Diane | August 11, 2012

Rainy Saturdays Are For Go-Karting!

Get ready…(that’s little Phoenie on the right with two good friends, Tyler and Josh)

Get set… (that’s me, in the middle row, three go-karts back)

Go! (That’s Drew at the wheel with Phoenie as the navigator!)

I may have started two go-karts back but my competitive spirit got the best of me and I was hugging those corners  pretty tightly as I raced around the track. At the end of our family race, the man who owned the track revealed that I was fastest. Chris defensively announced that I didn’t pass him but whatever – we all know who won. The reality is that Nana’s still got it!

In the early and wet hours of the morning, it felt like one of those “snuggle into a couch and have a long read” kind of days but when there’s a seven year old grandson standing at the side of your bed, ready to tackle a full day of adventure, there is no rest for the weary. A little wrestling, some retro cartoon watching, a little Captain Crunch cereal eating (well, actually…that was my twenty four year old, just-finished-first-year-law school son of mine who was devouring the box of Captain Crunch this morning) and off we went.  We did a little friend visiting and then we all piled into three vehicles and headed north to the nearby go-kart track. No long read today – just buckle up, hold on tight and heavy on the gas pedal!

Young children sure do keep you moving, don’t they? At the end of the day, I was zonked. My get up and go had gotten up and gone. It’s late Saturday night – Phoenie is still full of beans – he’s jumping on our bed in his underwear and dancing with his stuffed frog but apparently, it’s HIS bedtime. What about MY bedtime? I’m slouched in a horizontal position, eyes feeling heavy and laptop slipping down under the blankets. I’m desperately  trying to finish this blog but even my fingers are tired from the day!

I love the memory making moments but I revel in the recovery time.


  1. Congratulations on your “win”. Do you get to recover this week?

    • Oh yah…back to reality and back to writing this week! Diane

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