Posted by: Diane | August 10, 2012

Ya Gotta’ Start Somewhere

Once again, I jumped on my elliptical machine this morning and pushed my way through an hour of exercise, while I watched BMX cycling and Canadian medal highlights on TV.  It’s Day 14 in the Olympics and although I had every intention to get into writing today, my daughter just texted to tell me that Rhythmic Gymnastics is on.  So, I’m back on the couch now and taping all the action. My daughters trained and competed in Rhythmic Gymnastics, here in Canada and also in Slovakia, when our family lived there for three years, so I know they will love watching the performances.

It’s good to see Canadians competing in this sport. Unlike artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics is relatively unknown in this country and despite its amazing performance potential, it hasn’t yet drawn huge audiences. I think it’s similar to synchronized swimming – both rhythmic gymnasts and synchronized swimmers are absolutely amazing athletes but the average person doesn’t know how and what to watch for in either sport so he/she sticks to the “big” sports. Anyone who loves to watch the human body pushed to its limits will thoroughly enjoy learning about these creative, demanding sports.

I love it all and I am continually amazed at the human body and what it can do. I am mesmerized with the discipline, the concentration and the hours that athletes give to perfecting their skills and performing under enormous pressure.

…but they all started at the beginning….a very good place to start.

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