Posted by: Diane | July 25, 2012

Eyes And Ears

My eyeglasses are now on the bottom of Lake Simcoe.

I lost them about two weeks ago when I performed a fancy dive off the boat and forgot that I was wearing them. Chris managed to rescue my cheap sunglasses but the expensive progressive bifocals were nowhere to be found. The good news is that it was time for an eye appointment and as well as new glasses that could be partially covered by Chris’ benefits.

So, this morning, I headed to the optometrist.

I finished my eye appointment and moved into another room to start trying on new glasses.  It seemed like every pair of glasses sat crookedly on my nose.

Diane: So, tell me honestly, what’s with my nose? All these glasses are lopsided.

Cate : Well, I don’t say things about customers’ noses.

Diane: It’s OK.  You can tell me the truth. 

Cate: (reluctantly)  Well, actually, it’s not your nose. It’s your ears.  I think your ears are different sizes.  

Diane: (smiling)   Wow! That’s news to me. My daughters have been telling me for years that I have big ears but big AND different sizes?  I’m a mess!  

We started laughing.

Cate: Don’t you just love it when your teenagers begin making observations about you? About two weeks ago, my husband and I took our three kids to a friend’s pool party. I decided to make a grand entrance in my new bikini.  I came strutting out to the pool and my thirteen year old son looked at me and said, “Whoa!” I was feeling pretty good until my son continued with, “Do you ever have big love handles!” Of course, everyone heard him and I felt like hiding under a rock.”

Cate looked at me seriously and asked, “Do you think kids today say inappropriate things to their parents more than when we were young?  I would never have made a comment to my parents like my son said to me.  It would have been totally disrespectful. 

I agreed. I wouldn’t have told my mother that she had big ears (even though I’m pretty sure that I inherited them from her and graciously passed them to the next generation) I think there are boundaries that are more easily violated by this generation.  They would call it “being real” but I think it borders on disrespect.

Maybe I’m just showing my age.


  1. I have my engagement ring at the bottom of muddy and weedy Trooper Lake.. The locals called it Mud Lake. Hmm. Wonder why.
    It was in 1970 before the days of being environmentally aware of the harmful chemicals in soaps and shampoos. I was going to wash my hair in the lake and asked my husband to keep my rings on while I shampooed. He popped them into his shirt pocket and assured me they’d be okay there. Although I protested, that’s where they remained. He went out in the boat and the motor caught in the weeds. He leaned over and the two rings flew out of the pocket. He managed to catch the lighter one, the wedding ring, but alas…not the engagement ring. Although he combed the bottom of the lake in that area for a while, no success. I wonder what treasures our lakes hold….or a fish has a beautiful diamond ring in its gut for someone to discover, should he be caught!
    You give me my morning smile, Diane!

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