Posted by: Diane | June 26, 2012

Groundhog Day Revisited

If you haven’t seen the movie, Groundhog Day, it’s worth the watch. My friends and I experienced our own rendition of Groundhog Day this afternoon.

Leigh, a friend from the States, has been staying with Chris and I for the past few days. I invited another friend to join Leigh and I for lunch this afternoon. The three of us gobbled down my famous lasagna and Leigh’s famous coleslaw, while gabbing about anything and everything. Suzanne is deaf so the hands were flying with sign language and the talk was nonstop.  When it was time for Suzanne to go, she realized that she had left the key in her motorcycle for the entire afternoon.  Alas, her motorcycle wouldn’t start.

No problem – I offered to drive her home and Jim, my wonderful neighbour, offered to take a look at Suzanne’s motorcycle.  Leigh, Suzanne and I jumped into my car and I realized that there was no gas so I decided to take a quick trip to the gas station to fill up. When we returned to my place, we all jumped out of the car to check on the motorcycle, which still wasn’t working. So, we jumped back in the car with the goal to drive Suzanne home …but I couldn’t find my keys.

No problem – the three of us jumped out of the car and proceeded to look for the keys. We were joined by Jim and his wife, as well as another neighour who had since come to visit. (How I could lose the keys in the course of thirty seconds was a true mystery!)  Suzanne needed to get home to drive her daughter to deaf camp so Jim graciously offered his truck so I could get Suzanne home in time. Leigh, Suzanne and I jumped into his truck and rumbled down the road. We hadn’t even driven two minutes before Suzanne realized she had forgotten her phone.

No problem –  we turned around and headed home… for the third time.

Suzanne jumped out of the car, ran into our house and found the phone in her leather motorcycle jacket pocket. She jumped back in the truck and the three of us started back down the road. Suddenly, Leigh pipes up from the backseat, “Diane, your keys are in MY purse!” 

No problem – I turned the truck around and headed home… for the fourth time.

We jumped out of the truck and jumped back into my car. By this time, the three of us were laughing so hard, the car… I mean the truck… no… the car… whatever… was shaking.

When it was all over, Suzanne signed to me, “You know, some people would have gotten really angry if this had happened to them” and I signed back, “ya, but we didn’t.”

I think the three of us enjoyed every minute of it…and we’ll all remember it for a very long time.

Joy is a choice. No problem.


  1. i am still laughing…what a hysterical day! Like my sweet “blue-eyed man” says “the Joy is in the Journey” One of those belly laugh days for sure~

    • Absolutely, my friend! Loved every minute of it! Until next time….love Diane

  2. It’s kind of like a Three Stooges episode!! Slapstick Comedy
    is alive and well!

    • You’re so right! It DOES remind me of a Three Stooges comedy skit! Diane

  3. See? Now what would you have blogged about if you hadn’t had such a great day!

  4. Sounds like a script for a movie….laughter is the best medicine Diane. Keep laughing and enjoying your life with your friends. xoxox ‘Mrs.B.’

    • I certainly intend to, Mrs. B. Thank you so much for YOUR friendship too! I’ve always enjoyed laughing with you. Love Diane

  5. I still am laughing about our great and nutty day! Ya like three stooges!! I am glad I met your friend from the states. Thanks for the great day! Hugs!

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