Posted by: Diane | June 12, 2012

The First Official Swim

Chris and I have this unspoken rule – well, actually Chris thinks it’s rather silly so I guess I am the one who enforces this tradition with great fervor – that the first dip in our back yard lake must be experienced together. There’s a certain romantic mood conjured up when walking through the water, hand in hand, welcoming the advent of warm weather and water frolic. With Chris’ crazy travelling schedule lately, this official breaking of the water (I would’ve said it in another way. CL) didn’t happen as soon as we had hoped. Yet, despite the blistering heat, I resisted the temptation to dangle my legs over the edge of the dock –  I waited patiently for my love to return home (How good is that! CL). This past weekend, we finally wandered into the lake together…

…only to be attacked by man eating minnows.

The romantic mood began to dissipate.

.As soon as I stepped off the stairs, twenty…thirty…maybe even fifty fat and ugly, four-inch minnows (They were maybe 3 inches. CL) started bouncing off my legs and let me tell you, I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t like the feel of it at all. If I stopped walking, a swarm of fish would circle around my thighs like hungry sharks (Guppies. CL), waiting to devour (Or bump up against you and tickle your leg. CL).

Just keep walking, Diane and once you hit the deeper water, they won’t bug you.” (I did say that. CL)

Like a dutiful wife, I keep walking but contrary to Chris’ prediction, these crazy minnows followed me and kept pecking (Tickling. CL) at my skin (But only when she stopped walking. CL).

…and the romantic mood dissipated more…

Chris had walked ahead of me and suddenly announced, “Hey, there’s a huge chunk of dead catfish out here!”

…and more.

I decided that the tradition had been honored – I’d had enough. It was time to walk (Hurry, more like. CL) back to the dock.

So much for romance (Yup. Tradition honoured though. CL).

PS.  I just found this video – what will they think of next?  

…if you want to get rid of the dry skin on your feet….nibbling fish are the answer!

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