Posted by: Diane | May 28, 2012

Weekend Bliss

Chris and I headed to Sudbury for the weekend so that we could watch Phoenie, our grandson, in his first piano recital on Sunday….but Saturday came first!

It’s Saturday! No school! Gotta get up early and put my Saturday socks on! Bring on the day!

I watched some cartoons and now it’s breakfast! I know exactly what I want! It’s my favourite!

Breakfast is over…and I think I’ll make a quick picture for Papak and Nana on the computer. I learned how to do this when my class went to Science North for a field trip. 

Now, it’s time to play outside! I played scoop ball with Papak and played tag with Lola, my dog. Then I helped Dad and Papak pull out some old bushes. Then we all went to the park to play baseball for a while.  I’m learning how to hit a ball. We all got home runs. Then I came home and ran more…through the sprinkler. 

Papak and I watched a movie together and I got tired. 

I had a good day. I like it when Papak and Nana come to visit. Nana fell asleep with me. The next day,  Papak and Nana and I saw a bear running across the road. This is me at my piano recital on Sunday afternoon. I was nervous so I didn’t look out at the audience. I just looked at the piano and I didn’t play any wrong notes. I played “Frogs on Logs” and “Let’s Play Ball.” Then I went to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone because I won free ice cream for winning the speech contest at school. 

There just aren’t enough days in a little boy’s weekend.


  1. Diane, this is too cute – Weekend Bliss for all of you for sure!
    Congratulations to Phoenix for excelling at Speech and Piano!
    The Lindstroms

    • He really is a precious little guy! Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him go about his days! Diane

  2. Oh how i cannot wait to meet this precious “Grand” of yours. He is sooo loving his life~and you too. xo

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