Posted by: Diane | May 24, 2012

Doohickeys and Thingamabobs

I remember the first time that I played with K’Nex – it’s an elaborate building system consisting of interconnecting plastic rods and odd shaped connectors. I was at an informal women’s meeting a while back and while the women drank tea and talked about life, I eyed this toy, tucked away in the corner of the room and just had to play with it. Before I knew it, I was down on my knees, joining different shaped parts and creating a new gadget.

When I was growing up, it was Tinkertoys – same idea..all sorts of doohickeys and doodads that fit together and make really cool whatchamacallits. None of these parts are particularly exciting on their own but when they connect with other, different parts, a thingamajig is born – something so much better than its individual parts.

I’ve always loved connecting stuff.  I’ve been known to play “with” young kids and somehow, end up taking over and creating some crazy contraption while the child moves onto a puzzle. I know it’s bad – I can’t help it. There’s this drive inside of me to connect stuff.

I also have this drive inside of me to connect with God, my husband, my kids, my friends and neighbours.

My husband and I have figured out something important in our relationship – when he travels, it takes a bit of time to connect when he returns home. So, we need to protect our relationship  – give it some time and space so that we can reconnect. No question – we are must stronger and more creative when the two of us join forces.

I’m stumbled across this quote three separate times this week.

Loneliness is the first thing which God’s eye named not good. John Milton
It’s an interesting observation. We weren’t made to be isolated from others. We need each other’s different parts.
We are stronger when we are connected.

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