Posted by: Diane | May 23, 2012

Cheese Tours and Mentoring

I just finished five hours of tutoring.

I helped a wonderful young lady work on a Dream Tour for her Travel and Tourism course. Monika decided that she wanted to create a Whirlwind European Cheese Tour and has slowly been making her way through all the research. What seemed to be a relatively easy undertaking turned out to be a massive challenge, resulting in a twenty-two page report and an elaborate slide show presentation for her class. The two of us put our heads together to create an exciting ten-day tour with detailed itinerary, images, budget, referral to the Canadian Consulate Affairs, updates on travel warnings, particular highlights, information about currency and exchange… and the list goes on.

I’m exhausted….and that’s with Chris helping figure out flights costs, formatting the final report and making dinner for the three of us.

The thing is that I loved every minute of it. I love coming along side Monika and helping her with her school work…and her life.

No question about it – Monika is a gift from God – she was handpicked to become part of our family.

This has become so much more than tutoring.  God has given me this wonderful opportunity to mentor a beautiful young woman and I take the responsibility seriously. I care deeply for Monika.

I prayed and searched for a part time job for many months and couldn’t find anything.  (Remember those bus driving days about a year ago??)  When I exhausted all perceived possibilities, I stopped. Three days later, out of the “apparent” blue, I got a phone call from Monika’s father, asking for help.

Monika and I hit it off right away. We work well together but more importantly, we enjoy each other. Our friendship is all about the biblical “older woman – younger woman” connection (Titus 2.4,5)  that continues to thrill my heart.

As long as God brings young woman into my life, I want to mentor and model, listen and love. Monika’s world is getting bigger, her confidence is growing and her perspective is changing. Oh, yah…and her marks have REALLY improved too!  She’s an amazing young woman with endless potential and I’m so thankful that I can be her greatest fan.

A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could. Unknown 

We make a living by what we get, we make a life
 by what we give. Winston Churchill


  1. I think you have found your ‘niche’ Diane. Never mind bus driving or serving at a Convenience store…… God knows what your gifts are and has lead you to tutoring this beautiful young woman. PTL! ‘Mrs. B.’

    • Hey, Mrs. B….I totally agree! Love Diane

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