Posted by: Diane | May 18, 2012

A Dilemma

My husband and daughter surprised me with a new iPad for Mother’s Day.

I really was surprised because I have never asked for one.  Apparently, my husband picked up on this gift idea because a while back, being the non-geek that I am, I had asked him what an IPad was (because I truly had no idea!)  and he perceived that innocent question as a hint on my part.  I must say that I am impressed that Chris tucked this information away for the purpose of future gift giving but unfortunately, he picked up on the wrong vibe!

When I found the gift, (Chris had hid it in the cereal cupboard, along with a beautiful card) this is exactly what went through my head – “Why in the world did they spend so much money on something I don’t want?” I tried my best to act excited about the gift but from the moment, I opened it, I began to feel “burdened” – that’s the only word I can come up with to express my feelings.  I had received a gift that he was excited about and that I felt pressured to learn how to use. I have a beautiful Mac laptop and that’s all I need. Multiple electronic devices freak me out.

I know – I’m old.

Now, before you all think, “you ungrateful person, you,” let me explain.

THIS is what I wanted for Mother’s Day – a funky bird feeder for my front lawn so I can look out my kitchen window and enjoy all the activity. This is Chris’ cousin’s bird feeder and I love it.

Actually, I just wanted the starters’ kit – this stuff isn’t cheap so I wanted to start small and build onto the system over time. But I got an iPad instead.

Quite the dilemma…

Recently, my oldest daughter taught me an invaluable lesson about gift giving and now I REALLY understand what she was talking about – it’s important to listen and watch people so that you know who they are and can give them creative and thoughtful gifts that they really want…NOT what you want to give them but what they would like.

I know many people who would greatly appreciate an iPad. When I called the store to ask about their return policy, the young man asked me why I wanted to return it. When I told him that “I just don’t want one,” there was this awkward silence for a few seconds and then he replied, “Whoa….I’ve never heard that reason before.” All I could say was, “Yah…I’m odd.”

Of course, I ho-ed and hummed for a few days before I talked with Chris and Danae because I didn’t want to upset them. They were both a bit disappointed but thankfully, they understood and were very gracious about the whole situation.

Chris is returning the iPad and we’re now looking for bird feeders.

I’m relieved – Owning a BlackBerry and a Mac are quite enough for me.


  1. I felt the same way about the cell phone I got for my birthday two years ago – I still can’t get over that we don’t have a rotary phone anymore, and I still don’t know what to do when there’s a beep indicating another caller on the line – I end up ignoring them and hope they call back.

    • Ah…someone who appreciates my world! Diane

  2. How different we are, Diane!! I’ve been thinking About iPads for a year now and wondering if I’d be better off with one. I can do the same things on my iPhone but my eyes aren’t too happy. But after my laptop”died”, I started seriously considering the iPad. After two months, I was getting quite fast at typing on my phone and really was in a quandary. To buy or not to buy. When I finally decided that looking for my readIng glasses to type, was too frustrating, i caved in. I went three times to an apple store before I was able to get one- they were always out of stock for the white, 16 mg, wifi only. So just before Mothers Day , I did get one late one night just before closing time. And my kids bought me an iPad cover, flowers and chocolates!! Woohoo!!
    Hmm …funny… I’m typing this on my phone still…

    • Hey, Kathy….yes, I do find it interesting that you’re still typing on your phone! Well, you enjoy that iPad…I’m going to get that bird feeder some time and I know, without a doubt, that I will enjoy it far more than an iPad! Love Diane

  3. i am soooo there with you di!!….i adore my backyard birds and have a wonderful set-up on our deck, with a birdbath and feeder, and a “blue-bird” house that we have 3-4 families nest in each year! i have no desire for an ipad or a new iphone. i love a slower pace, enjoying my “birds”(i Have learned to text though!) isn’t it funny how men esp. buy what “they” like for us! after 36 years craig now just asks me? love languages??? i think there is a book about that~ hahaha! xo

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