Posted by: Diane | May 14, 2012

OVERFLOW! – May 12. 2012

There’s nothing like a good bowling match with eight women who rarely go bowling!  Well, I don’t really want to brag but take a look at the scores – Danielle, you were a worthy competitor but…..

Yup! My team only won one out of three games but well…I think there’s a hidden bowler deep within me.  Without a doubt, my best moment happened when I danced to the top of the lane, turned backwards, threw the ball between my legs and got a strike! Oh yah!  This was serious bowling!

It was a riot to watch each other throw gutter balls and one of us ( I’ll give no names) managed to actually perform a slow pitch ball that arched rather high before it landed on the lane. Most of us improved as we made our way through three games but I think we were all relieved when the time elapsed and we could go home!

What a great afternoon together!  OVERFLOW! was at it again and we had a blast together…as always! After our bowling debut, we piled into Linda’s house and had a great dinner together, followed by a great discussion about “practising the presence of God.” 

It’s so simple – multi-generation women coming together to encourage each other to live God-honoring lives.  We always go home knowing that our lives are richer for having spent time together.

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. Proverbs 27.17 NLT


  1. You definitely have a wonderful time with all these gals, Diane, having fun yet building character in their lives as well. I know that the joy you are left with is reward enough. What a instrument if blessing you are in all their lives, Diane.
    May god bless you ( I’m sure He does!)
    Love Barb

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