Posted by: Diane | April 30, 2012

Speech Time Again

It was that special time of the year for my grandson – speech competition at school!  Last year, Phoenie was in Grade 1 and he wrote a wonderful speech about his dog, Lola…and won the competition. Little did he know that his win meant that he had to present his speech in front of the whole school! It took some “encouragement” in the form of some new Lego and an ice cream field trip to get him up on that big stage…but he did it.

This year, he decided to write a speech about his aspirations to become a scientist when he’s older. Of course, the pressure was on to win the competition for the second time…and he did! Apparently, his use of props is impeccable and his intonation is noteworthy.  He is an articulate and funny guy –  maybe he gets it from his Papak.

So, a very big congratulations to you, Phoenie!  If I may, perhaps I can inspire some closet scientists with your speech.


Has anyone ever imagined how a plane can fly when it’s so heavy?  That’s Science!…and today I’m going to tell you about why I want to be a scientist when I grow up. 

I’ve wanted to be a scientist since I was five years old – well, there was a short time when I changed my mind because I thought it would be too dangerous testing all the potions myself…but then my Papak told me that I can get a rat to test them – so it’s still a safe job.  So, now I’m back to wanting to be a scientist.

Being a scientist would be great because you can make potions, use cool stuff and invent amazing things. 
I’ve always loved doing experiments and making potions. I get inspired by Science Bob – he’s a scientist that does fun experiments like exploding foam, glowing lava lamps and hovercrafts.  These may seem like silly little experiments but scientists really can change the world with their discoveries. 
Scientists can also invent amazing things like cars, TV, remotes and electronic Monopoly. I think I might invent a zero-gravity ball that you throw in a room to make stuff float. 
As you can see, the world needs scientists and I can’t wait to be one!
Thank you for listening. I hope you enjoyed my speech. 


  1. Papal may be his inspiration but I think he has Grandma’s DNA,!!
    Great going Phoenie. I’m sure you’ll fulfill your ambition! Congratulations!

  2. Reach for the stars Phoenie!

  3. Wow! Two years in a row!! Way to go Phoenix!!
    We’re so proud of you!!

  4. Nicely done Phoenie!
    The world needs a scientist like You!

  5. hi! its phoenix! thanks for all your nice comments 🙂

  6. Indeed! The Tyranny of the Urgent ( a book I read many years ago) always seems to steal our time. To do what is His will for us is the thing..
    Love your blogs. Hmmm notice since May 11, 2011 you have 4,982 hits. Wonder who will be 5000 . Keep up the great work, Diane !!

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