Posted by: Diane | April 10, 2012

A Horizontal Perspective on Easter

Easter is one of my favourite holidays but this year, I spent most of the weekend in bed, resulting in a couple of missing blog posts and an inability to consume a much anticipated turkey dinner.

My husband picked up a doozy of a virus early last week and besides his numerous bathroom visits, he pretty much slept 48 hours straight.  I was trying to keep my distance from the poor man but alas, on Good Friday night, I started feeling sick too. Thankfully, I had enjoyed a fun day with my daughter, son- in- law and grandson because once I hit my bed, I was vertically challenged for the next 36 hours.  I haven’t felt so nauseous since my pregnancy days.

I sent my son-in-law to the drug store to buy some anti-nausea medicine and some nose plugs because my family was busy whipping up a wonderful turkey dinner downstairs and well….I learned that when you’re nauseous, the turkey smell is dreadful.  Picture this – I’m secluded in my bedroom, hiding under the covers, wearing nose plugs, with a towel blocking the space under our bedroom door,  trying to stop the turkey smell from defusing into the bedroom.

Happy Easter to me.

The good news is that I learned that I’m not indispensable when it comes to preparing an turkey dinner with all the fixins.’ My family put out a fine spread of turkey, stuffing, sausage meat, small potatoes with olive oil and rosemary, homemade gravy, green beans baked in sour cream and soup, topped with cornflakes and a delicious raspberry pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert.  Note to self – maybe I need to get sick more often.

The bad news is that I missed celebrating Easter at church. I love the Easter Sunday service – the power and the celebration of Christ’s resurrection.  There is nothing like a rousing chorus of “UP FROM THE GRAVE HE AROSE”  and the bold congregational response of ” HE HAS RISEN INDEED.”  My friend sent me this picture and scripture that she saw in the recent Focus on the Family magazine and I so appreciated the reminder of Christ, the Living Hope.

But I did share a profound Easter moment with my husband….

One evening, we were lying in bed and we started talking about the death and resurrection of Jesus. I confessed to Chris that I really struggle with explaining how Christ’s death on a cross so many years ago in a faraway land affects my life today. I mean, I can use all the “Christian-ese” words and give a fairly convincing synopsis of the hope that I have in Christ but there is a disconnect in my ability to passionately, yet simply explain the resurrection implications.

I know there is new life in Christ, that this new life is birthed by the Holy Spirit alone, that those who are born again are supernaturally empowered within to live in newness of life and that the final consummation of this newness of life is eternal life. I not only know it but I believe it and desire my life to exemplify this truth.

But the truth is that I really struggle with a “down to earth” understanding of this” heaven bound” experience –  I am weak at explaining and defending my faith. As Chris and I tried to articulate a simple explanation that could be shared with someone who is not a Christian, we were stumped.  It was a profound moment for both of us.

…and so starts my personal journey to articulate this marvelous mystery.  I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, the smell of soup is wafting my way and this evening, despite the fact that Chris is getting tired of left over turkey creations, we’re going to thoroughly enjoy a tasty bowl of hearty, homemade turkey soup.

It will be our first shared Easter meal. Maybe we’ll talk more about Jesus.


  1. Thanks Diane. Sorry that you both were sick. That’s brutal! There’s nothing worse than continuous nausea in my books. Trust you both get feeling well again soon.

    Interesting thought about the resurrection of Jesus and the thought of” how then should I live?”Look forward to your next postings as you continue to think this through more.

    I too, missed Easter Sunday for the first time ever in my life. Easter is probably my most loved and anticipated event on our Christian Calendar. I look forward to it all year.

    Coming home from out west, I realized that I was bagged, and there was no way my body would cooperate to get me to church. I slept the whole morning missing all the services. I commented to my son-in-law that I was wondering if God would forgive me, and his answer to me was…” Mom, that’s what Easter is all about!” Shocked at his response, I said, ” Michael, you are absolutely right!” Why didn’t I think of that!

    Get well🌷
    Love Barb

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