Posted by: Diane | April 3, 2012

Talking In My Sleep – The Saga Continues…

Honestly, to where does my mind wander?
Apparently, last night was another one of my sleep-talking extravaganzas.  This is the first time that Chris has actually recorded our conversation. He’s mentioned before that my sleep-talking has been quite entertaining but thanks to his handy dandy smart phone on his bedside table, he was able to record this auspicious occasion.
So, this is what he recorded. These are his words.
I got in bed and cuddled up closer to you, which caused you to stir. In a higher than normal tone of voice, you began to say, very clearly…
“They’re just recycling all the dog-catching stuff. I don’t like it though.”
After a short pause…
“There was a lot of stuff.”
I asked, “What kind of stuff?”
“Genies and stuff” you said.
I said, “What else?”
I said, ” And…”?
“Potato scraps.”
I had to laugh into my pillow so as not to wake you, my whole body shaking. 
Then you said, “What about you?”
I said, I don’t know.”
To which, you responded, “What do you mean? It’s your toilet.”
I’ve heard of dream interpreters but if anyone  knows how to interpret sleep-talking and feels so inclined,  please feel free to comment! The fact that I actually engage in a comprehensible conversation amazes me –  I don’t remember a word of what I say but according to Chris, I was very articulate as I blissfully spewed this encrypted wisdom in my sleep.

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